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  1. HI, We have a satelite office that is connected to our main site via site to site VPN, I would like to set the BITS transfer rate on the compuuters there to stop the link being saturated when software is distributed to the office. I can see the BITS settings in the computer agents, but this will set it for all computers. How can i set it just for the few computers in our small office? Thanks
  2. When running a tsak sequence for OSD, it fails on Formatting C. This task sequence has been running fine with no errors. When I booted to Windows PE and partition the drive, it fails when i try to format it manually saying "diskpart has encountered an error: the parameter is incorrect". I cannot seem to format the drive. Any help would be great.
  3. Hi, After almost every PXE boot, when building another machine, I have to reset the WDS service. Even if i don't build a machine for a while, I will have to restart the service before building the next machine. I have reinstalled PXE and WDS many times and the problem still exists. Any help would be great as its not a show stopper, but is soooo frustrating. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am trying to create a query that picks up the machines that Windows 7 has not activated on. I cannot find any information on it, or where to start. Any info would be great. Thanks
  5. I can deploy Windows 7 with bitlocker and back it up in AD, pretty much everything I want to do with SCCM is working. However, I have some changes to bitlocker in group policy, such as making the default cipher strenght 256 with diffuser. When deploying windows 7, how can I make the machine pick up the group policy before enabling bitlocker? Thanks
  6. HI, I have been successfully bitlocking computers from SCCM for a while now, but I upgraded to SCCM 2007 R" yesterday, and since then, it has failed on every single onw. The SMSTS.log file states that there is no compatible TPM chip on the machines, but there is and they are enabled from the bios. I'm beginning to get frustrated now as it was all working fine. Also, now I have one specific model that cannot PXE boot either, it says BCD\Boot, the the boot image does not have a valid OS entry. It boots all my other models of laptops fine, except one, which did work before the upgrade. Thanks
  7. I am the SCCM admin so I know no one has changed the boot images. The strange thing is, it boots the laptop on my desk, but not another model.
  8. Hi, I tried rebuilding one of our laptops this morning, I PXE booted it and it came up with "Windows has failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc0000098 Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry. I booted another laptop with the sam TS advertised to it, and it booted fine. I have built this laptop many times and the boot image has always worked. I have tried restarting the WDS service also but made no difference. Any help would be great. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am currently deploying office 2010 Pro Plus to a test group. The test group users do not have admin rights so I am running the deployment with administrative rights. The issue I have is that once the user clicks run from the Advertised programs list, it installs, but does not show any progress bar or notification that it's installing. Also once finished, there is no completion notice. I have set the display mode to Basic in the OCT file and it is not running in Hidden mode in the program in SCCM. If I run the same program with users rights on a mchine which the user has admin rights, it runs as it should with a basic GUI and a progress bar. Any help would be great, im getting tired of having to uninstall office now
  10. Hi, I have just integrated MDT 2010 into my installation of SCCM 2007 SP2 and now none of my task sequences will work. They all worked prior to the integration. Now everytime it boots into Windows PE, i get the error "The file or folder C:\_smstasksequence is corrupt or cannot be read, run chkdisk." The task sequence does nopt have any variable that I can see that checks this folder and the first task in the sequence is to format the disks after WINPE startup. HELP!!
  11. I have just found this error in clientlocation.log Setting Assigned Site Assigning client to site 'MPC' Unable to verify the sitecode 'MPC', AD schema is not extended or SLP is not present. Cannot continue site assignment. I have the log file from the extension stating it completed successfully and the server is populating the System Management container fine. HELP!!
  12. Nope, the firewall on the server is also switched off, im really stumped here, I really dont want to reinstall SCCM again as ive spent the last week setting it up to deploy and capture the images and load te software. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the client and had a look in the processes in task manager, the process ccmsetup.exe is running but no sign of the sitecode.
  13. Unfortunately because of security issues, I ca't allow RDP connections from external, as we are an IT company that supplies to government and emergency services.
  14. To setup SCCM i followed this sites setup on everything. (by the way, great site) I have SCCM 2007 SP2 on Server 2008 with SQL 2008 installed on the same server. Al of the roles are being hosted on this server. I have 4 sites in AD and at the moment this is the only site I want to configure. AD is extended in the domain and has populated the System Management container. The ExtADsc.log file has no errors. The server has local admin rights to the client PC and also the admin account for sccm does. The server has full control of the system management container along with the admin account. nything else you need to know? i can provide screen shots if necessary
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