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  1. That's going to be a tough one. Does the vendor have anything regarding scripted or automated installs? In this day and age I'd be surprised if they didn't offer some option for automating the install.
  2. I'm not the best with RBA so keep that in mind. I think you would need to create 3 duplicates of the Endpont Admin role, one for each of the three groups. Scope them each to their own collection. I believe that should do it.
  3. Works perfectly! This was driving me nuts last night. I created an application while fumbling around and I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to delete it. Thanks
  4. I'm having difficulty with Driver Packages in SCCM 2012. In our SCCM 2007 environment I do not import all the drivers into SCCM but use Driver Packages that point to a central source of drivers. I have a folder for each model with all the needed drivers for that modell (thanks Dell for the driver CABs, makes my life so much easier). I create the package, point it to the folder for that model and I'm all set. I use this model in SCCM 2007: http://www.deployvista.com/Default.aspx?tabid=70&EntryID=82. (It's Johan's "The Drivers Saga Continues... This time we battle SCCM 2007... ") I'm trying to do that same thing in SCCM 2012. The problem is, when I attempt to create the Driver Package and I point it at the folder that contains my drivers, SCCM complains that I'm not pointing it at an empty folder. In SCCM 2012 do I have to import all my drivers and then create collections from them? Thanks Mike
  5. Okay, I got it to work. I checked the installation log and it mentioned something about Named Pipes not being available (it's obvious that I'm not a DB guy). So, I searched the forums here and got a hit on an install guide for SQL 2008 for SCCM 2007 (how can I install SQL Server 2008 in Windows Server 2008 ) and I followed the section on enabling "Named Pipes" and BOOM! the CM2012 install took right off. Thanks anyweb, you saved the day for me again.
  6. Okay, this is getting frustrating. I downloaded CM2012 Beta 2 and am trying to install it based on the install guides here but it keeps complaining about the version of SQL. I get the following error: I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2, with absolutely no updates installed (SP0). I followed the guide here in the forums with the only exception is that I apply CU10 instead of CU6. During the install of CM I get the above error when it attempts to set up the database. For the life of me I can't get passed it. I've tried patching Windows. I've tried SP1 for Windows. I've tried applying CU6 first, rebooting and then CU10. All are no dice. I've opened ports in the firewall and eventually turned it off all together. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  7. That was it alright. Once I was granted access to the child site I was able to create the boot media without any problems. Thanks for your help both here and over at TechNet.
  8. No. The SCCM team granted me access to the top-level site server. There is no MP within that site. The MP is in a child site. Right now I do not have access to the servers in that site, although I've asked them to grant me access. They did temporarily add the MP role to a server within the top-level site and the wizard at least ran. It failed because there was no MP assigned to the site (they didn't make it the default for the site, just added the role itself). So, it looks like my problems are tied to not being able to access the MP within the child site. I guess the learning curve is a bit slower when the OSD guy comes from outside the SCCM team.
  9. I'm trying to get OSD to work in a development network here at work but am having trouble when trying to create boot media. I've created a basic task sequence and my packages are all ready to go. When I try to create boot media I run into problems. The wizard starts, I select "Bootable Media" but when I click Next I get the error "A management point is required to create task sequence media." The SCCM guys tell me that they have 2 MPs behind a load balancer and that they are working properly. I searched the web and found some info on the required rights in SCCM in TechNet and I made sure that the rights I've been granted inside SCCM are more than enough to do what I'm trying to do. I have all this working in a small lab environment, but in that there is only a single SCCM server that carries all the roles. I've even compared the rights I have in that small lab SCCM server to the development server and they seem to match up. I'm at a loss. Any suggestons as to where I should look? Thanks
  10. No, it doesn't with either restart option. Yes, I'm using MDT integration. I've been reading that the GINA used by OSD blocks a lot of things and I'm wondering if this may be one of the things it just won't allow. In essence, I'm breaking the Task Sequence before it completes. Granted my steps are the very last things in the TS, but they still happen during the processing of the TS.
  11. I have a Task Sequence in SCCM that is deploying my test image just fine, so all the basics work. Now I am trying to add in the steps unique to our environment. The first thing I need to do is to set the machine up to restart and auto log in when the TS completes. The restart works fine, but the auto login doesn't I used the autologin example from this post ("How can I capture Windows 7") as a model but I cannot get it to work. Right now I have the following 2 steps at the very end of my Task Sequence: 1. Run the autologin package (from the post) that imports the Registry keys 2. Restart the computer (I changed this to manually run Shutdown as I know the "Restart Computer" task in MDT sets the machine up to autologin as the local admin, better safe than sorry) When it runs I get a quick flash of an error about interactive logins are not enabled (or something similar, it flashes quickly) and then the system reboots. When it comes up I get the Crtl-Alt-Del to login screen. When I do CAD my user account is set to log in but I have to provide the password. The password is correct in the REG file, so that isn't it. Has anyone gotten this to work? Am I in so deep that I'm missing something obvious? Thanks
  12. Sumixam

    Thank You

    Niall, I just want to thank you for all the work you've done in creating all these guides. Your site has been an indispensable asset as I've been learning SCCM. The guides you've created as well as the numerous contributions that others have taught me far more than any book, online resource or instructional video that I've found. What ever the problem I've run across, a safe bet is that the answer can be found here. Excellent work! Thank you again. Mike
  13. That must have been it. In my frustration I must have kept cut-paste the same code (with what ever I missed) over and over. I tried it all over again from scratch and it works fine. Thanks
  14. I'm sorry, I'm getting an error after entering that query statement. "The query statement that you entered is not valid. Please enter a valid query statement."
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