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  1. got this reply at MyITForum which resolves the issue As soon as MP was reinstalled, I rebooted problem clients and they are now reporting to the SCCM server correctly
  2. clients and servers are in the same forest and domain, site is running in mixed mode since install (2010), to only thing that changed was installation of R2 last week.Install R2, reboot server; since then we get these errors on our newly deployed clients....
  3. Hello all, looking for assistance with an issue we have after installing R2 onto a SCCM 2007 SP2 installation. (running on Windows 2008 + SQL 2008). new machines succesfully install the clients, but when looking at the "components" tab, all of them are in status "installed" and under actions tab only "computer policy" and "user policy" exist. checking the logfiles on the clients brings up this ccmexec.log ClientIDManagerStartup.log clients are assigned to the correct SITE, I can also correctly re-discover them. (ClientLocation.log) It can find the MP site (LocationServices.log) but gives an error regarding reset of certificate any help is much appreciated!
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