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  1. Is there anyone who has deployed Windows XP with SCCM 2012? I really do not want to go through setting up a test lab for it if it will not do what I need it to do. Thanks James
  2. I have searched for about thirty minutes and not found anything about whether or not SCCM 2012 can deploy Windows XP. I have seen some stuff about migrating from XP to Windows 7 and we will eventually be doing that, but for now we are stuck with XP. Can someone point me to a list of pros and cons for SCCM 2012? Thanks. James
  3. Is there a way to clear old advertisement report info without having to delete the advertisement and recreate it? We are doing migrations from GroupWise to Outlook and we are doing 15-20 at a time. We have several different computer makes and models and I like to keep track of just what we are doing on a given night and having all the old info in the reports gets in the way. I would like to be able to clear it out each night before we kick off another round. A right click solution would be awesome. Thanks James
  4. Is there a way to create a package for SCCM Admin Console? If it can be done but is complicated a guide would be great. Thanks James
  5. I do have another question. Is there a way to force a PXE boot without going to each machine and physically setting up the bios? I read something about the Dell Client Configuration Utility but it looks fairly complicated and only works on Dells. We mostly have Dells but we have several IBMs too. I know, if anyone knows, You Know. Thank You.
  6. Man your guides are great they make it look like I know what the heck I am doing here. I followed this one as close as I could but I must be having a brain fart. My profiles (documents, favorites, desktop …) are not being restored to the user folders they are being left in the “C:\USMToffline\USMT” folder. This is all that was in my c:\Windows\System32\CCM\Logs\smsts.log after Windows 7 was installed and the report for the task said success. <![LOG[successfully finalized logs to SMS client log directory from C:\Windows\system32\CCM\Logs]LOG]!><time="18:04:42.671+-60" date="03-07-2010" component="OSDSetupHook" context="" type="1" thread="1588" file="tslogging.cpp:1536"> <![LOG[Cleaning up task sequencing logging configuration.]LOG]!><time="18:04:42.671+-60" date="03-07-2010" component="OSDSetupHook" context="" type="0" thread="1588" file="tslogging.cpp:578"> I am not supposed to edit the miguser.xml and migapp.xml files. Am I? The same package is used for “Restore User Files and Settings” step as for the “xcopy x86 USMTbits\X86” steps, right? And that package has no Program (or Command Line), but only points to the source files? I did learn (the hard way) you do not want to use “Access content directly from a distribution point when needed by the running task” in the package. That will cause it to try to copy every package folder from the server to the target machine. (I thought it was taking a bit too long) Well, I am about to remove the tick that says “Continue if some files cannot be restored. To see if that lets me look at a log file to see what is going wrong. I think it may be trying to map the network drives or something like that. Then reimage my test computer with XP so that I can start all over for the sixth time. I really do appreciate all your hard work. It really helps a lot of people.
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