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  1. Thanks for Reply peter yes all clients are on the boundaries actually ... idont know about defaultmigrationcontainer30 ...one of my friend suggested me so i ask here.
  2. My SMS 2003 Client are able to search Site name <SMS> ....but i have problem with SCCm 2007 clients issue ...they are not able to search SCCM <SCM> Please help....... is any role about defaultMigrationContainer30 ? Thanks in advance.
  3. In simple word Co-existence of SCCM and SMS Please respond
  4. Hi Guyz, MY setup 1. Windows 2003 Server R2 with Sp1 configured with AD/DNS/DHCP IP DHCP configured - 2. Windows 2003 Server R2 Sp1 SMS 2003 installed 3. Windows 2008 Server r2 sp1 SCCM 2007 with Sp1 4. 4 XP client 2 Win7 Client 2 XP client for SMS 2003 2 XP Client for SCCM 2007 1Win7 for SMS 2003 1 Win7 for SCCM scenario --> Need to run both server Problem i am facing 1. after installation of SCCM 2007 server both clients are unbale to search SITECODE 2. how to configure DHCP for two different SUBNET's 3. how is this possible to run both SMS and SCCM working at same time Please suggest and if any step step document please let know. I am waiting for your response guys Thanks A lot in advance
  5. Can any one help regarding MED-V 2.0 Beta installation and step by step configuration! Thanks in advance.
  6. ---------------------- SOLVED ------------------- Please delete this thread
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