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  1. Hey Niall! Very good guide. 🙂 After the first reboot(running VM in Hyper-V) I got the following loop. If force a reboot its continue and it finish. But for the user its not that good.
  2. Ok. I see. Thanks for the quick answer. So, if you dont wanna be using the MDT 2012 and all the roles - How will you do this in SCCM 2012? I know a few ways of doing it, but maybe in the RTM of SCCM 2012.. Mikael
  3. Hi! I have everything setup in my environment. Add users to my AD group, getting the group to SCCM 2012 and query it to a collection. And the application ends up on the users Software center web site. :-) I have one thought. When creating applications, and you add them to a categorize? Let say I create a few, and the a few applications to each. Can I use them from within a Task Seqeunce? Or whats the plans with this? Regards, Mikael
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