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  1. Hi Guys, Just popping in to say a huge thank you to all involved! I finally managed to get our test system upgraded from windows XP to windows 7, taking across the entire profile, and restoring everything on the new OS as well. I now need to work on getting the applications re-installed, etc. thank you once again, it's really appreciated, keep up the good work guys! Johan
  2. GENIUS! ABSOLUTELY GENIUS!! This solved my problem too! I am now getting to the runscanstate task, where it fails with an error 27, saying that my " Settings store argument specified is invalid". I believe that once this is sorted I should be doing just fine, and the rest of the task sequence will go ahead as planned If anyone has any advice to give here, that would be very much appreciated, otherwise I will google a little more to see if I can figure out how to fix this step... Thanks a lot for all your help!
  3. I only just read the workaround to the workaround post! Thanks, that makes A LOT of sense, and I will definitely try that quickly and let you know Thanks!!
  4. Still no go. I have tried all sorts of combinations on this thing now.. I even tried copying the USMT4 files into the SMSPKGD$ folder, cause it seems to bind to that, and then tried to change the xcopy command so that it gets the data from there (xcopy usmt4\x86\*.* %systemdrive%\USMTbits\X86\*.* /herciy). But that also didn't work. If I look at smsts.log all I see is this: The directory name is invalid. (Error: 8007010B; Source: Windows) so, it seems that either my package is wrong or I am pointing it wrong somehow. Is it possible you could let me know the exact steps you took in setting up that package, and which one points where, so I can double check that step? thanks so much, I really appreciate all the help!
  5. Hi Guys, I am trying this setup as well, but I have a little bit of a twist. My company requires that we do a zero touch upgrade of our environment, so what I ended up doing was to advertise the task sequence to an online machine (winXP), and then in the restart parameters, I tell it to start with the boot image assigned to the task sequence, which gets me started in WinPE, so I am fine there.. this is just to prevent me from having to walk to the machine, press F12, etc.. So, once in WinPE, I get to creating the USMTbits and USMTOffline folders, which works fine. then I get to the copying, and this is where my problem begins. I created a package that doesn't have any programs associated with it, but just points to my software distribution share\usmt 4.0 tools\x86 folder. Now, during the first Xcopy, we tell it to copy * to the %systemdrive%\USMTbits\X86 /herciy. What this essentially does is to copy EVERYTHING from my SMSPKGD$ share, and not from my distribution share\usmt 4.0 tools\x86 folder. Upon further investigation, it would appear as if the problem might be in the way the Microsoft USMT 4.0 x86 package was created, because if I go to the properties of that package, and I click on the "data access" tab, it says: "Access the distribution folder through common ConfigMgr package share, whcih as far as I am aware is SMSPKGD$. So, all taken into account, my problem is the fact that I have the wrong files being copied, and I don't know how to specify the correct folder path so that the USMT 4.0\x86 files are copied. Can anyone provide some pointers here please? Thanks!!
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