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  1. Dear Anyweb, I followed your article step-by-step but my test computers are not getting the updates. I checked the logs folder and none of the logs that you mentioned are there. The client is isntalled and running on the test comptuers. Please note that my software update point is installed on another Server since I used an existing WSUS Server. Component Status and Site System Status are green Thanks
  2. Dear Anyweb, I followed your article but there is something that I cannot understand... For the Active Directory System discovery I specified an OU but the client is being install on all the computers and servers under a given site in Active Directory!!! How come, what I'm doing wrong? Is it related to the Software Update Point Client Installation? It is currently enabled. Client Push Installation is enabled too as per your article... Thanks
  3. Dear Anyweb, I'm new to SCCm and I'm finding your articles very helpful, thanks:) One questions... How can I create the various collection? For example how can I create a collection that targets only computers under a specific OU? Thanks Kevin
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