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  1. Hi, I have difficulties understanding APP-V (included in MDOP) in SCCM. I know that it is possible to virtualize applications and deployed them using SCCM but now Microsoft have MDOP wich include APP-V. And if I understand correctly, MDOP and SCCM is two different things and none needs each other. So MDOP can virtualized apps and SCCM to. My question is do I need MDOP to use virtualized applications in my SCCM site or there is a agent in SCCM (originally called SoftGrid maybe) than is doing the same thing ? Also, what is the purpose of MDOP ? Thanks
  2. Thanks !! It is working now ! Great guides by the way they helped me a lot ! Bye
  3. I'm also a bit new to SCCM and I am trying to run the Task Sequence you provide here but I can't make it happen. One thing that I don't understand is when I reboot the computer, wich is a VMware 4 virtual machine, it's booting to a a PXE boot but as soon as the task sequence begin it's job it's crashing saying that the autologin_enable reg program needs to be run in a Full OS environnement. As far as I know SCCM, all the task sequences that I've created are for PXE boot and so on so I really don't know how to proceed to capture my Windows 7. Can you help me with this ? How this task sequence needs to be triggered ? Thanks !
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