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  1. Hi there, I really hope you can help. I am completely stuck but cannot believe I am the only one with this issue. I deploy a Windows 10 custom image that was created using en-US media but is deployed with an en-GB unattend.xml file. When I deploy the Windows 10 the locales are all in en-GB. Of course when I deploy the latest feature update as a Windows 10 Servicing Plan or as an Upgrade Task Sequence the locales go back to en-US as the default and en-GB as the secondary. This must be because the media is en-US. If the away I can force the locales to maintain or revert to en-GB rather
  2. Hi there, Would someone be able to direct me in the direction of deploying Windows 10, MBAM 2.5 SP1 and then encrypting through a task sequence. I have tried the WindowsNoob book but this guide is for MBAM 2.5 and I believe the method has changed? Calvin
  3. Hi there, I would like to monitor Exchange 2010 using SCOM 2012, initially I have attempted to import using the catalogue but SCOM does not allow this? Do you have another methodology to do this? Calvin
  4. Hi there, I am able to gather and deploy an Image of a Windows 7 computer using the attached answer file and a vbs script that will join the name and I can enter a computer name. I am able to gather this image using WindowsPE and ImageX, I can then deploy this image on a bare metal computer using ImageX. However, when I try to deploy this image using WDS it appears to ignore my answer file and start the OOBE. Is there a way I can tell WDS to NOT give the computer a name and join the domain and simply push the image out onto the computers. Essentially just like Symantec Ghost would do i
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