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  1. Moibe

    Deploy Windows 7

    Why computer association is necessary? Can I add the computer manually to the 'Build and Capture 7' Collection? Thanks
  2. Moibe

    Deploy Windows 7

    Why we have to add the Computer through 'Compute Assosiation', wouldn't be easier adding it directly to the Collection 'Build and Capture 7' as a single computer instead? Thanks!
  3. Moibe

    Deploy Windows 7

    Now it works, I just restarted the server and now I can see the Package. I exactly don't know what happened but at least is working properly now. Thanks
  4. Moibe

    Deploy Windows 7

    But when I create the Package from Definition it is supposed to be there? Because it's empty. I need to download an msi to create the Client Installation Upgrade package or what? I thought that by default it would be there but at the 'Create Package rom Definition Wizard' there are no Publishers nor Packages just the text: "There are no items to show in this view". Browsing for a Publisher hasn't helped me. Is there a route for that package or I have to download it?
  5. Moibe

    Deploy Windows 7

    I think that I've just missed out the part when we created the Client Installation Package: "click browse and pick your configmgr Client Installation Package (from definition) which we created before" When we did that?? Help please
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