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  1. Hai Site setup: sccm 2007 r2, wds & dhcp on the vmware server 2.x. configured the pre-request as required & fine. Created one Virtual machine in vmware server as "windows server 2008 x86" version. (Beacuse there is no option is available to select windows 7 in vmware server). Requirement: to deploy windows 7 to a new bare metal. i have configured sccm osd as follows: 1) Added Boot Image (X86) to the dp (smspxeimages$) & updated the DP. 2) Added Driver files & driver package of Vmware Tools (downlaoded from vmware site) & updated to the DP. 2) created & updated OS install Packages, copied all files to the DP. 3) Selected TS Build & capture image method as: a)Restart win PE Partition Disk c) Apply operating System d) Auto Apply drivers e) Apply windows settings f) Apply network settings g) Setup windows & Config manager files.(Config manager package created from package definition). Then switch on the virtual server: Win PE ran on the machines. While "Setup Windows & configmgr" stage TS eror occured & shows as: TS failed with "0*80004005 windows setup faied." I ran the sccm report for TS with report Id 144 & found the device driver issue. My query: 1) Why the drivers i have added in sccm osd drivers & driver package not working? 2) if i want to revert the vmware drivers from boot image, how to? (i have selected add/remove driver files to boot image & updated the DP, but nothing is reflected in distmgr log). where i am doing wrong? hope for the resolution. Find the attached file of smstslog & report (sccm osd ts error file). smsts.log SCCM OSD TS Error.txt
  2. Hi How to force the client installation immediately thru the software update point mehtod?
  3. Hi Eswar The link you sent for SCCM (http://eskonr.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/system-center-configuration-manager-2007-superflows/) not opened. could you please send me again the correct link? Regards
  4. hai Eswar the expected article FAQ (http://eskonr.wordpress.com/faqs-on-smssccmmdt/). Really a great documentation. hope it would help many of us. try to keep update the blogs. Thanks & Regards
  5. Hai Niall, Beginer like me, we are expecting a consolidate background tech process of SCCM which help us to refresh any sccm interview. even MS has given the same requirement resemble to our request, but we are expecting the same from windows-noob with all updated. Kindly consider the above request & do the needful asap. it will help millions of users like me to refresh any sccm interview. Regards
  6. Always Keep Smiling!!

  7. Hi I have one specific error. i configured a 32 bit os in vmware server for windows 7 & want to deploy the same from sccm 2007 sp2. site config: as a guest os of win server 2003, sccm sp2 with ads, dns, dhcp, wsus, wds. Requirement: To deploy os from sccm to a baremetal systems. created osd package, created task sequence, configured pxe server role & added the x86, x64 bit bootimage to SMSPXEIMAGE$ folder. (guidence by http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1182-deploy-windows-7-enterprise/). my vmware client is trying to boot from network, dhcp leased the ip to the client. then the error is showing as: "PXE-E55 Proxy DHCP Service did not reply to request on port 4011" whether i should enable 4011 port? if, how to do that.or whatelse cause the issue. immdly it exiting from network boot & says "Operating System not found" error. googled several threads but no result yet. Thanks in advance
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