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  1. Thanks, however when I manually assign clients during the installation it doesn't list any sort of site code in the config manager properties on the client and the configmgr connection type is showing as "Currently Internet" so something still is not right. I have also added the network access account from domain b sccm server to the admin group on my domain a workstation. If i autodiscover a site code, it obviously pulls the domain a code from ad but if i manually enter the code for domain b it just says "Failed to update site assignment"
  2. We are currently running SCCM in our domain (domain a), but are looking to migrate everything across to another domain (domain b ). I have set a new SCCM infrastructure up domain b (primary server was a primary child of the central site in domain a so everything was replicated) so it is almost a mirror copy. Obviously site codes are different. I understand that when we move over id need to remove the boundary from one server, add it to the other and then re-install the client. I have tested this and it works ok if the workstation is also moved to the new domiain but how complicated would t
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