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  1. Thanks, however when I manually assign clients during the installation it doesn't list any sort of site code in the config manager properties on the client and the configmgr connection type is showing as "Currently Internet" so something still is not right. I have also added the network access account from domain b sccm server to the admin group on my domain a workstation. If i autodiscover a site code, it obviously pulls the domain a code from ad but if i manually enter the code for domain b it just says "Failed to update site assignment"
  2. We are currently running SCCM in our domain (domain a), but are looking to migrate everything across to another domain (domain b ). I have set a new SCCM infrastructure up domain b (primary server was a primary child of the central site in domain a so everything was replicated) so it is almost a mirror copy. Obviously site codes are different. I understand that when we move over id need to remove the boundary from one server, add it to the other and then re-install the client. I have tested this and it works ok if the workstation is also moved to the new domiain but how complicated would this get if i wanted the machines in domain a to be managed by SCCM in domain b? because i think this is what we need to do. I want to get the domain b SCCM environment up and runnig before the domain a decommission and migration to b (for workstations) as that is scheduled over months and we cant be managing 2 sccm environments for that long. I have deployed a client to a machine in domain a and included the following during setup SMSSITECODE=<sitecode for domain b> SMSMP=<server in domain b> SLP=<server in domain b> FSP=<server> SMSPublicRootKey=<key for domain b> all the servers are from sccm in domain b and so is the key obviously. Now my client will not 'connect to' the domain b sitecode and it reports the connection type as currently internet. When i autodiscover the site code, i get the sitecode for the domain a SCCM server (i want domain b ) and when i manually enter the domain b sitecode, i get an error (Failed to update site assignment) Now, currently boundaries are overlapping at the moment. Both domain SCCM servers have ad site boundries added, and the sites have the same subnets. I assume that this is causing a problem and is why domain A SCCM is discovered, however why doesn't it like domain b site code? I just want to confirm this before i work with networks to get a new subnet. Also, does it have anything to do with the domain b sites not being publish in AD on domain a? is this why it doesnt like the sitecode If so what on earth do i do about this to get it to work? Any suggestions/guidance is very much welcomed.
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