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  1. I believe it's here (but bscially it can be ANY user account you give the Read rights to Boot Image on Network Share):
  2. having all day long party with PXE Boot....

  3. Hi there, I think that's what Eswar was talking about. You need to specify an account that will be used by Task Sequence to access Network Share on SCCM Server to read Boot Image, and ultimately write the OS Image you captured also to (other) network location. If you don't have one, create it, usually named NetworkAccess or similar. When you create it, set sharing and security permissions (Read is enough) onto this foder \\DEPLOY.BENEDEPLOY.LOCAL\SMSPKGC$\, or any folder where the boot image is contained in. Also, this account should also have necessery permissions for accessing location for writing down Captured Image. Hope this helps. Best regards, Vladimir Jakovljevic
  4. You have all the necessery drivers added to boot image, particulary network card driver? P.S. I have couple of more ideas of what could be wrong, i'll try to get that later. Best regrads, Vladimir
  5. Hi there, there are 2 things you haven't said here, and maybe you should ckeck these out, if not already: 1.) Have you enabled "Make boot image available to boot media and PXE" under Advertise Task Sequence options? 2.) Have you enabled "Unknown computer support" in Task Sequence? Good luck, Vladimir Jakovljevic
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