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  1. I'm using the extracted msi-Version with the command line MsiExec /i "jre1.6.0_21.msi" AUTOUPDATECHECK="0" IEXPLORER="1" JAVAUPDATE="0" JU="0" REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS ALLUSERS=1 /quiet
  2. i edited a copy of the original xml file. i'm not using a tool or something like that. my xml-file looks slightly different. for example there is no <OSDAppTree> in my xml file. this is my xml file:
  3. OSDAppChooser works perfectly in my environment. What u need to do: 1: Create a package with the .exe and the .xml files. You do not have to create a program. 2: You need to create 2 (maybe 3) steps in your OSD tasksequence. 2a: Add a step command line. Type in "OSDAppChooser.exe" and select the package button and add your osdappchosser package. 2b: Add another step after your operating system is installed, called something like OSDAppChooserApps. This time it is "install software". Choose the radio button to install multiple applications and type in "OSDAppChooserApps" In the beginning i got some errors because we always buy "naked" systems from our vendor. In this case i had to add an "osdappchooser helper hdd". This is because i want to select the software before any other setp has taken place.
  4. I am using a program called OSDAppChooser It's possible to check ur uncheck the software dynamically for each computer after selecting the task sequence. It's easy to use and the download package contains a good documentation.
  5. I created some collections based on AD security groups like discribed in the tutorials in this forum. I noticed some strange behaviour in one of my collections. For testing purposes I placed 4 computers in my AD security group, but sccm syncs only 3 of them to the collection. All of these computers are in the same AD OU so I can't figure out where's the problem. None of these computers are disabled etc. Only difference I noticed to the missing computer in the sccm collection is that this object is 13 characters long while the others are shorter. Is there a limitation to the computername length or is something other causing the problem?
  6. Great link, works perfect. I searched a long time for something like this. Do you know if there is something like this for the Operation Manager?
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