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  1. Terry

    USMT 4.0

    I tried this - created the config.xml file - but I get the same result!! Why is it so hard for it to do a start copy? Is the loadstate following the links? Some of the shortcuts wouldn't be accessible unless you log into the domain. The process logs in as the local administrator. Is there a way to force it to use a user account instead?
  2. Terry

    USMT 4.0

    Does anybody have any suggestions??? This is driving me crazy !!! No matter what I change I get the same results :angry: This can't be this hard !!!
  3. Terry

    USMT 4.0

    Yes. And I have tried re-running the loadstate command against it with the same results.
  4. Terry

    USMT 4.0

    Anybody have any ideas? I've tried removing filters from the script <ZTIUSERScript.wsf> without a fix. The part that has me stumped is that Scanstate backs up everything it is supposed to but when Loadstate runs it miss lots of stuff. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Terry

    USMT 4.0

    I am having issues with Desktop Shortcuts/icons not migrating. I use WDS for booting WinPE and then MDT for the deployments. The deployments are going very well, no issues there. The issues are with user accounts with lots of shortcuts/icons on their desktops. The first few are migrated and the rest are not. If I apply the /nocompress option to Scanstate, I can see that the desktops are in the migration and if I use the /nocompress on the loadstate the desktops are migrated properly. Am I missing something? It seems that when the data is compressed stuff is being left out. Any ideas? I really need to use the compression as the network stores are small and I have many computers to migrate. I am worried about what else the compress is missing out on. UPDATE: I did the same run through with a physical box and the scanstate is doing its job, its looks like the loadstate is what is not moving the links back. The options I have on the loadstate are: /v:5 /c /lac /nocompress /ue:*\avadmin /ue:%COMPUTERNAME%\*
  6. Yes I did !! Works perfect except it seems to miss some desktop icons. I think I need to create a Custom.xml file. You can use this task sequence as is, works quite well. I've attached my Task Sequence, you just need to fix the OS info and the servername(MDT). ts.xml
  7. Yes I would like to emulate this on MDT 2010 Update 1. I do not want to run this as a second Task Sequence and I would like to be prompts to be like during an Online scanstate. I've tried to setup this sequence but I'm left scratching my head. By default when you the C: drive is mounted as X: and the Deployment Share is mounted as drive Z: so I don't think there is a reason to copy the USMT files when they are accessed on the Z: drive. This is where the problems for come from. Terry
  8. Where are all the experts? I thought this would be a simple answer. I tried redoing the TS but I don't think I have to go that far. The Deployment Share gets mounted to the Z drive. I should be able to run a scanstate command based on that drive. I'll continue to test and if anyone has an answer or it works I'll post back. Terry
  9. This Task Sequence is all well and good but what if I wanna use MDT 2010 Update 1 ? The TS are different than the ones in SCCM. We are eventually looking at moving to SCCM but at the moment our solution is to use MDT. I can get the ScanState to work when logged in as a domain user but it doesn't accept the arguments from the CustomSettings.ini. Have any suggestions? In the meantime, I will try to modify your TS for MDT and see if it works. thanks, Terry
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