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  1. Okay I have it fully automated now here is my last question.. to get it to join the correct OU here is what I read MachineObjectOU="OU=Desktops,OU=Machines,DC=Domain,DC=local" Now from what I understand of that here is what I put MachineObjectOU="OU=PATHFINDER,OU=Computers,DC=pathfinder.com,DC=local" Here is what my AD tree looks like: ADUC <Saved Queries <pathfinder.com <<administrators and admingroups <<Builtin <<Computers <<Domain Controllers <<PATHFINDER <<<Computers <<<Printers <<<Servers <<<Users and Groups I want it to put the new computers in the Computers OU under PATHFINDER. Is what I typed going to do that?
  2. Alright I see your sysprep.inf file here and I see mine. Mine is pretty much the default but what I want it to do is when the computer restarts after pulling that image down.. I do not want to have to join the domain and all of those options where you have to keep clicking next. The only thing I want to have to do is name the computer. I am going to do some more reading here and see if I cannot figure this out but do you have a full how-to on how to do this, I was unable to find one?
  3. It worked!!! Got the volume license xp sp3 cd and an actual vista cd to get the boot.wim file from and the boot.wim file from the oem version was actually different when i looked at it in imagex!! Now i need to learn how to create an answer file so they dont have to join the domain and all that jazz after imaging.
  4. Okay I was able to get it down to where I only have 1 image showing but my problem is that once I actually deploy them image when the computer goes to boot back up after imaging I receive the windows boot manager screen with a \boot\bcd file error 0xc000000f "an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data" I have removed WDS 3 times and reinstalled and followed the how-to STEP BY STEP!!! 3 times and still I receive this error everytime after I deploy the image and the computer goes to boot back up. Any help with how to fix this? What is wrong with my image?
  5. I have this same problem with having the 2 boot images. I followed all of his instructions step by step except for doing the sysprep as he does not have a guide for sysprepping xp. I used this guide for sysprepping XP so I am not sure how he did not get duplicate boot images. When you right click those boot images and look at properties... the one that is the correct date that I did this on is using the file name "Windows XP Capture.wim" The one that is created on 5/9/2008 is using "boot.wim" so that is the one that I used since it was boot.wim that I pulled from the Vista Business 32bit SP1 cd. Windows XP Capture.wim is something I did earlier in his step by step guide. Not sure why I have 2 either.. When I try to image my computer though I get a Boot/BCD error anyways so does not look like it works for me
  6. I am using this tutorial on windows-noob to capture the image but first I must sysprep my machine that has xp on it. I am following the tutorial here to sysprep xp, just hope this is the correct way. I captured the image earlier after following a different tutorial and it worked but I was unable to pull down the image, I got the boot/bcd error. So hoping that following the windows noob tutorial will work out better for me but I am using the same sysprep tutorial. Just want to make sure it is the correct way to go about this. You said to join it to a workgroup if it is in a domain? Why not join it to the domain if it is in a domain?
  7. Do you have a HOW-TO for sysprepping an XP SP3 machine? Currently I am using this guide and after completely going through everything I get the boot/bcd error when trying to pull the image down. I am now following the step by step guide on this website in order to capture and pull an XP image down with Server 2008 WDS but I cannot find a guide for sysprep on XP, only Vista.
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