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    USMT fails

    Thanks. I'll try this during the week. I am going to speak to the techs at the other site and just roll it out to the entire site as you did.
  2. As the program was firefox, I set it to download content locally & I left the PC's logged on. This is a test environment running on a 1Gb isolated network with only 4 PC's. Last week, under identical conditions, the program ran within 10 minutes.
  3. Hi Eswar Before I left work last night I checked the logs (including smsts.log) but the only lines referred to the download process starting. When I arrived at work this morning however, 1 PC had successfully run the package and the other pc ran the package about 2 minutes after I sat down - I guess SCCM thinks run "as soon as possible" means "whenever I feel like it" as both packages took almost 24 hours to run after they were first advertised.
  4. Julius, did you solve this problem? I'm having the same issue. I've checked the relevant logs but can't find anything. At the moment, the only advertised programs/tasks that work are ones that boot into winPE & I have to manually reboot the PC for that to happen.
  5. clane

    USMT fails

    I am having trouble getting my USMT task sequence to work. I am running SCCM R2 with SP2 on Server 2008 SP2 with SQL2005 SP3 when I run this task it fails within seconds with the error code 0x80004002. I have tried several fixes, starting with removing KB 974571 on the server and client, then re-installing the PXE service, system health validator and distribution points as well as uninstalling and re-installing the network access protection client agent but nothing works. Can anyone help? I have the attached the only log I have that shows any information about this issue (based on the timestamp). smsts-20101001-142057.log
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