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  1. Hi Peter, thanks for the confirmation! That's indeed what me and my colleaugues have come up with.
  2. Hi, we recently installed a Branch DP for a remote Site and today we got response from the IT Guy over there that OS Deployment was very slow. When looking at the logfiles we noticed that the content wasn't copied from the Branch DP, but instead it was being copied from the Secondary Site server. Both the Branch DP as the Secondary Site server are set as Protected Site System for the boundary the client falls in. What I found so far (Google) is that the client prefers to use BITS and therefore connects to the Secondary Site server instead of the Branch DP (which uses plain SMB). What is the best way to deal with this? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Mario
  3. Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a question about the Run Command Line step in a Task Sequence (SCCM 2007). What I would like to do is to use a vbscript that fills a Task Sequence variable OSDProofingTools that contains a subfolder name. Then, a Run Command Line step has to be executed that runs the following command: msiexec.exe /i .\%OSDProofingTools%\proof.msi /qb (e.g. .\Proof.nl\proof.msi, to install the Dutch Proofing Tools for Office 2007) My question now is, if this is possible at all, to use a custom Task Sequence variable in a Run Command Line step.. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Mario Willart
  4. Basicly what we did we installed WireShark on one of the client PC's to do the network trace (be sure to install WinPcap and run in Promiscuous mode). When looking at the log we noticed an entry Response denied by Watchguard http proxy which means that http authentication wasn't succesfull. We passed this info to our colleagues and asked them to adjust the settings in the firewall; this did the trick.
  5. We finally figured it out, it turned out to be a policy on the Watchguard Firewall. We did a Wireshark trace and saw Response Denied by Watchguard http Proxy. We changed it and almost instantly the client became alive! The whole problem was that the client couldn't authenticate itself with the MP. Mario
  6. Ok, I restared the Agent Host on the PC, but when I click on Dsicover in the Configuration Manager, I get "Automatic site code discovery was unsuccessful".
  7. Hi Eswar, concerning the Schema update, yes we did this. SLP entry can be found in AD and the client can connect to the MP (I also tested this by going to http://<Server>/SMS_MP/.sms_aut?MPLIST). Boundaries are defined (AD Site). Firewall is enabled, but I alse tesed withe the firewall disabled. I can resolve the IP address of the MP on the client (also recursive), so DNS looks OK I can see some warnings, but none are related to the problems I'm facing ClientLocation.log ------------------ Getting Assigned Site ClientLocation 27-10-2010 23:59:17 868 (0x0364) Assigned Site is CS1 ClientLocation 27-10-2010 23:59:17 868 (0x0364) Getting Assigned Site ClientLocation 27-10-2010 23:59:20 2152 (0x0868) Assigned Site is CS1 ClientLocation 27-10-2010 23:59:20 2152 (0x0868) GetCurrentManagementPointEx ClientLocation 28-10-2010 0:11:16 2116 (0x0844) Current Management Point is <FQDN> with version 6487 and capabilities: <Capabilities SchemaVersion="1.0"> </Capabilities>. ClientLocation 28-10-2010 0:11:16 2116 (0x0844) LocationServices.log doesn't get changed, but here is some old log from yesterday: Failed to reset certificate request times. (0x80041002) LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Persisted Default Management Point Location locally LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Failed to reset certificate request times. (0x80041002) LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Attempting to retrieve local MP from AD LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) DhcpGetOriginalSubnetMask entry point not supported. LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Current AD site of machine is <AD Site> LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Retrieved local Management Point from AD: <FQDN> LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) The 'Certificate Store' is empty in the registry, using default store name 'MY'. LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Refreshing client operational settings over AD LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Refreshed security settings over AD LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) No security settings update detected. LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:00 4080 (0x0FF0) Unknown task LSProxyMPModificationTask in non-quarantine - ignoring. LocationServices 27-10-2010 11:25:02 2908 (0x0B5C) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One thing, the AD Site has a subnet mask of /23, while the client gets a subnet mask of /24. I tested by giving the client manual IP, with subnet mask of /23, but this also didn't work. The reason they use a /23 is that on ther specific site there are 2 networks. Mario
  8. Hi, at this very moment I have problems installing the SCCM Client on a recently migrated site. We run the install manually (CCMSETUP.EXE /noservice SMSSITECODE=CS1) and the client gets installed, but there are some things missing in Configuration Manager: - Components Tab only showing components Installed (not enabled) - Actions Tab only showing 2 actions (Machine Policy Retrieval & User Policy Retrieval) - Updates & Configuration Tabs are mssing Automatic site code discovery was unsuccessful (I also ran the ClientAssignment tool and this is working correctly) I also get the following errors in the various CCM logs: CcmExec.log ----------- [CCMHTTP] HTTP ERROR: URL=http://<SCCM-Server>/ccm_system_windowsauth/request, Port=80, Protocol=http, SSLOptions=0, Code=0, Text=CCM_E_BAD_HTTP_STATUS_CODE HandleRemoteSyncSend failed (0x80040231) CForwarder_Sync::Send failed (0x80040231) CForwarder_Base::Send failed (0x80040231) ClientIDManagerStartup.log -------------------------- RegTask: Client is not registered. Sending registration request... RegTask: Failed to send registration request message. Error: 0x80040231 RegTask: Failed to send registration request. Error: 0x80040231 CAS.log ------- Software Distribution Site Settings for the client are missing from WMI. CacheConfig::InitializeFromWmi - GetSWDistSiteSettings failed with 0x80004005. Default site settings will be used LocationServices.log -------------------- DhcpGetOriginalSubnetMask entry point not supported. Current AD site of machine is <Site> Attempting to retrieve SLPs from AD Failed to resolve 'SMS_SLP' to IP address from WINS LSGetSLP : Failed to resolve SLP from WINS, is it published LSGetAssignedSiteFromSLP : Unable to get the list of SLPs PolicyEvaluator.log ------------------- Failed to trigger Machine settings update (80070057) smscliui.log ------------ Site is in mixed mode. Internet tab will not be displayed Current Assigned Site: CS1 Attempt to auto discover site has failed. Error: 0X40002 AD Scheme has been extended, SLP record is available in AD The computer shows up in SCCM as Active I can connect to the PC with SCCM Client Center, but when I query for the GUID I get "Not Found" We never had this problem with other Sites, it really drives me nuts!! I spend the last days "Googling", found a lot of articles, but none gave me a good solution. Anyone any idea, am I missing things?? Thanks a lot in advance. Mario The netherlands
  9. Hi, I'm trying to figure out a problem we have with our company: Sap FrontEnd was previously deployed with "Run with user's right" (a GPO is active that gives users elevated rights installing msi's); when another user logs on to a pc that already has Sap installed, he cannot run Sap, as it is installed for the first user that logged on to the pc. We are now looking for a 'repair', which does an uninstall and ReInstall of the Sap FrontEnd and we want to do this with "Run with administrative rights" (Per System). So far we had no luck, as the uninstall won't work. Anyone any idea?? Greetings, Mario
  10. MaWi

    Keep data on D-Drive

    Ok, it works!! Thanks
  11. MaWi

    Keep data on D-Drive

    Ok, thanks!! I will try this today. Kind regards, Mario
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a way to create a Task Sequence that wil partition/format the c-partition but leaves the d-drive intact during OSD. Does anyone have an idea how to do this? Greetings, Mario
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