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  1. Beautiful, worked first time. Thanks Niall. Re deploying to Users group, this is also important if you're testing something. For example I am using this to fix the time automatically for the UK but I have users in Switzerland and I would need a different group for them, one size doesn't fit all.
  2. Part 1 works (appears) absolutely fine. When it reboots machine fails to autologon (selects Administrator). I have tried this on different hardware and a VM. Interestingly the VM did pick up the script again but then got stuck at 'Launching AAD Join'. Happy to run a remote quick assist (please confirm if the email you have starts with 'mail' - if so this is an old address). In the meantime I attach logs for the VM and for physical hardware. Thanks hardware.zip VM.zip
  3. Hi Niall Love this idea in principal but can't seem to get it to work. The first screen shows as it goes through ccm uninstall etc but after it reboots, it fails to auto-logon (seems to select Administrator rather than APSweepback). When I manually choose APSweepback and type the password, it logs on but doesn't seem to do anything afterwards. I dare say it's something I have done wrong. Can you provide a bit more clarity on the obfuscated values? I am assuming for instance that the DJoinAcc user/password are DOMAIN accounts rather than AAD accounts and that the FQDN/Domain name are your local domain you are migrating from. Also, where does the API Key value come from? I used a defaul app key from the function app but don't think this is right. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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