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  1. Hello Dizzle, The steps that you have mentioned will only work if you have a standalone sku of office 2010 standard or professional plus. The steps which I have mentioned is beneficial for organization which has a Volume licensing with Microsoft, because when they download the office 2010 package from the VL site, the single package contains the following content Standalone packages =================== word excelpowerpoint access one-note visio project sharepoint workspace Along with standalone packages they also contain the following packages. ======================================================================== Office 2010 standard edition office 2010 Professional plus When SCCM executes the task sequence the setup stalls, as it has no information on which package / Product to install. Thats why you need to copy the proper config.xml file in the source folder. In my case i wanted to install professional plus from the Volumen licensing package, so i had copied the "config.xml" from the "ProPlus" folder to the source folder. So now when SCCM executes the task sequence, it will first check which product to install. Config.xml which was copied to the source folder has the information (in my case professional plus) Then it will pass the control to your custom .msp file in the Updates folder. Hope this clears everything.
  2. Hi All, If you run a normal setup of office 2010 (which contains multiple products on the source cd) you will be prompted to pick a product to install and then the setup would continue with user intervention. The Article on the technet is a straight forward one and it works as accepted where your source CD contains just one product. What if you want to install office 2010 silently using SCCM or a network share and your source cd contains multiple products. It took me 10 hours to figure this out. To install the software through SCCM (eg: Professional Plus) 1. After you have configured OCT (Refer to "Create a Setup customization file for Office 2010") in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff404178.aspx This is very important step after you have configured OCT:- (Do not skip this) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Copy the config.xml file from "proplus folder" and paste it in the root of source folder "ie in the folder where you have setup.exe" 3. Then configure SCCM for office 2010 deployment. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff404178.aspx To Silentely install the software from a network share (eg: Professional Plus) 1. Configure office 2010 using OCT. (Refer to "Create a Setup customization file for Office 2010") in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff404178.aspx 2. In the run box type the following command setup.exe /config \\servername\Sharename\Proplus\config.xml For eg: setup.exe /config \\ABC\Office2010\Proplus\config.xml Setup.exe: Will launch the setup. /Config: Is a switch ABC: Is the server name. Office2010: Is the Sharename which contains the office source file.
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