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  1. Having an issues with the build and capture on the windows updates installing, it sits and then bombs out. I need to include SMSSLP and the PATCH command together. Would this be the correct input for the "Installation Properties"? SMSSLP=server.domain.com;PATCH="%_SMSTSMDataPath%\OSD\MC200004\i386\hotfix\KB2509007\sccm2007ac-sp2-kb2509007-x86-enu.msp"
  2. You are correct I had my boundries set incorrectly. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I am using it currently for package deployment but would like to have clients download and install windows updates from that secondary site. I have boundaries correctly set for the secondary site. So you are saying it works the same as Software Deployment? In Deployment Packages i have already added the secondary site MI2 to the DP and they still download from the Primary MC1?
  4. My primary site is up and running fine with SUP. My dilmema is we have another location that has about 300 pcs and when we deploy updates they are all pulling from my primary site. Network guys are not happy I have not found much help on how to install/setup SUP on a secondary server. If I install WSUS and add Software update point on the secondary site server will the clients download and install updates from that site? Or is there something else that needs to be done? Thanks
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