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  1. In 1703 IE is removed by default, but available as a feature.
  2. Hi, We have a SCCM 1702 CAS and Primary Site Hierarchy to support multiple customers. SUP Role is installed and Client Settings enabling Software Updates are deployed. The Clients in a Customer Domain has software updates enabled, but it in unable to set the local GPO for WSUS Server location. I find some 87d00600 errors in the UpdatesHandler.log. What could cause this to happend? The same error occurs in W10 1607 and 1703. PKI is enabled.
  3. Hi, Do some of you have some Powershell or DISM commands to install IE11 in a Task Sequence for Windows 10 1703?
  4. We have a serious problem deploying OS to Lenovo W530. The computer has a MicroSSD drive that is confusing OSD. The "Disk0" or "Disk1" assignment is also random for the msata and the main HDD. "Apply Operating System" targets logical drive letter stored in the "System" variable. Anyone here who have bult a SCCM 2007 Task Sequence for this model?
  5. Thanks for your reply:) I've look in to the artcicle on MS Technet. This is a good way of automating, but the customer doesn't want this. They would like something similar to the "Ask Computer Name" wizard, where their abbreviated company name is a prefix. The number must me typed manually. They print the stickers with the numbers themselves. Is MDT 2012 very different from MDT 2010 when in comes to deployment shares and building CS.INI? Is it easy to migrate the work already done in MDT 2010?
  6. Hi, Our customer wants to be promted for Computer name, but with a prefix. It should look like this: CUSTOMERNAME-STICKER TAG NUMBER When they are prompted, they will only type their sticker tag number. The customer name must be given as a prefix. Is it a way to modify the script called by "SkipComputerName=NO"
  7. Architecture: Central Site | V Primary Site | | | | | | | VVVVV Secondary Sites Background: Collections on the Central and Primary sites were overfilled with a lot of duplicate objects because of VDI provisioning with SCCM agents on our virtual desktops. The number of clients were 50000+. After setting maintenance tasks to clean up inactive clients and aged discovery data 2 weeks old, we were able to clean up our collections. However, this caused a lot of replication problems. Replication was also inconsistent when the collections were overfilled. Problem: The INBOXES\REPLMGR.BOX\INCOMING is overfilled with old faulty replications from the time the collections were overfilled. The number is over 870000 files. This is causing severe hang on the central site every 2 hours. The collections are not updated from the Primary Site to Central site because of this problem. I need to delete a lot of old replication data. How can I achieve this safely?
  8. Is there a quick way to copy modified Task Sequence and packages to an existing USB installation media? A full media build takes up to 6 hours.
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