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  1. Pure awesomeness one challenge - running CHKDSK would like the option of not running CHKDSK /r (or F) if the drive doesnt have errors also - when running and fixing errors (or running with /f) the TS fails because the CHKDSK task errors out based on not being able to copy the log file (to the event logs) Any thoughts ??? Excellent information
  2. Awesome doc - and am using at client with success - ONE question though: Seems the process is downloading every package into the x86 package - and this takes forever - Is this an "advertisement" setting -
  3. Much thanks for this TS as USMT as been a pita for me - Question: I am at the Task "xcopy x86 USMT to USMTbits\x86" pressed f8 to check folder status: under c:\usmtbits\x86 I am seeing a bunch of packages being downloaded... Did I do something wrong... TS is still running/sitting at that point
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