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  1. Not much response here. Are there other forums with more people that can help with this subjects?
  2. Hello I'm having a problem with my patch management colletion queries. We want to make sure that we do not include manually patched servers in our SCCM patch management, and want to control this through a Exclusion group in AD. I'm having a hard time getting the correct results though. I want to include servers in Group A, and I want to remove servers that is included in Group B. The point is to remove servers that is in both groups. As a kind of fail safe. I've gotten this far: select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIden
  3. There are only single patches under Repository -> Critical/Security Updates -> Windows Server 2003. So the problem is only in the search folders it seems. And YES, I have messed a bit with our WSUS server. The problem might very well be from the mistake I did there a few months ago. Before I learned who SCCM operates, I was more familiar with WSUS, and I activated the Automatic Approval of 2003 Critical and Normal Security updates, as I have done in the past with WSUS only environments It was only for a few minutes, but it was enough to start lots of downloads to the server. After d
  4. We're starting to use SCCM 2007 for security patching of our servers now. I'm using some time to standardizing things in the different fields like collections, update lists, deployment packages, search folders etc. The search folders is proving to give some strange results. When I'm making search folders, I'm always presented with double Patches for Windows server 2003. All other server versions do not present this double patches. As an example I have Search folders for the last month for both 2003 and 2008 server. 2008 Search Criteria = Date Realeased: Last 1 Month, Expired: No, Supersed
  5. Guess I'll just have to be very thorough when I'm making the packages then. Have to go through the old patch bulletins to get it all. Let's hope it's only the expired and superseeded updates that's missing.
  6. That's the big problem. I don't. In your list you have 18, 24, 25, 53. If I make the exact same search criteria I get only MS10-002 and MS09-025. I've made several search folders. One clean with only MS10 as Bulletin Search criteria. One with 2010 Updates with Expired set to Yes, and one with 2010 updates with Superseeded set to Yes. It is absolutely possible that this patches I can't see has expired or been superseeded, but I should have seen them in one of my many lists. I'm getting rather concerned about what else might be missing and why. Maybe this have something to do with my "accide
  7. Yes, your correct about MS10-002. It was might fault to take this as an example. Did not check my two search folders on that one I think. I did on both MS10-006 and 018 though, and they are neither shown in my Search Folder with or without Expired and Superseeded options. Why is that? Have MS not been consistent in their Patch tagging or what? When I notice irregularities like this, I'm a bit concerned about rolling out bundles of patches. New monthly patches will not be that much of a problem, as I'll check every single one. But I do not want to look through all previous patches.
  8. *Quick update* The MS10-002 is actually a Cumulative security update, which have been superseded or expired. It does not show up when selecting No on Expired and Superseded. MS10-006 and another example like MS10-018 should be in the list though. I've checked several updates, and on the WSUS server I can see no differences on the patches.
  9. Ok..... Glad it's not just me then Where is the rest of the Security Bulletins? Probably something very logical here I'm missing. Let's take a couple of examples of the "missing" patches. MS10-002: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-002 - Critical Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (978207) Rated Critical for all supported releases of Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 5.01, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1, Internet Explorer 7, and Internet Explorer 8 (except Internet Explorer 6 for supported editions of Windows Server 2003) MS10-006: Mic
  10. Thanks! Here's a screenshot of a small part of the list, together with the Search Folder Criterias. Just tell me if there is some more info or images that is required.
  11. Hi I've played a bit with our new SCCM setup, and I've messed it up a bit I think. Before I read that SCCM should be the only way you approve updates, I managed to approve a whole lot of security updates in WSUS. What I did was to go to the options for automatic approval in WSUS, and chose to automatically approve all security updates. Immediately after I thought that this might be stupid, so I turned it off, and unapproved all patches. But the damage was done. The server started downloading a lot of patches over the next couple of days. Now it holds about 25GB worth of patches. Now, w
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