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  1. these machines were prior to readding to ConfigMgr. I learned that lesson 4 years ago.
  2. I have two Dell 580 desktops that when imaged take on a pre-existing hostname that isn't theirs. We add devices in ConfigMgr using naming convention with Mac address. Once the imaging process is complete, hostname has changed to a random pre-existing one that has "nothing in common" but, is on our network/different subnet. UUID, GUID and Mac numbers are different. Very frustrating to say the least. Ideas?
  3. issue resolved. Seems this workstation dropped from the domain. once I rejoined it I still needed to repair the client in order to receive published software.
  4. this client computer is alongside 30 others that were imaged via SCCM 2012. They were identical until last week. No changes were made to software package deployments etc. It had both deployed applications and packages listed in System Center. No other machine has this problem of not listing available software installs. So, it seems most likely a local client issue. I have 2000 other machines without problems. I will image this "troubled system" tomorrow to see what happens
  5. I have an issue where a Client (version 5.00.7711.0200) was receiving both program and application deployments and is now only receiving available applications for installation. 60 give or take program titles are missing. These programs are still advertised and I can't seem to find a reason why this particular computer is not listing them. The 40 other computers in the same boundary have no issues. Ideas?
  6. if your servers are DP/PXe/whatever point secondary servers with DHCP running on each then, setup WDS also on each using 60 with 67 turned off as an added scope option. Ensure 60 is listed on only the Lan scope and not for example a Vlan scope. Lan scope only. If you need further help with it and of course if I am understanding your question properly, respond.
  7. are you capturing a local machine or a domain machine?
  8. we have a Earthwalk cart with 16 Dell e5500s loaded inside. All are hard connected to the onboard ethernet switch and hardline powered when not in use. When sending subnet broadcast WOL, Wireshark is telling me that SCCM is attempting to wake the onboard Wireless NICs vice the hard nic(s). I know that if I run SCCM Hardware Inventory on them individually while hard connected via NIC, they'll be good for a period of seven days. Here's my issue. These laptops will spend 99% of their time connected to the lan/wan via their WLAN. Ideas please?
  9. I attempted this and it failed miserably. Attempting to recover old server now and pre-existing db. It's becoming a nightmare.
  10. I know this. I'm at the point of what the &*^%
  11. setting up a small trial where I've changed the OST sequence property of my windows xp install to "boot image (x64) vice X86)and left my windows xp package assigned to the actual deployment task seq. Will trial it on a 64 bit Dell here in a second. I am pretty sure it will blow up quite quickly. In short, a 64 bit machine, Xp SP3 install with 64 bit boot.
  12. so the next question would be, is there a Hotfix or some other way to stop that from happening?
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