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  1. Sorry for double post.
  2. Sorry for double post.
  3. Hi Anyweb, Are those screenshots or pictures from your camera? if Screenshot how did you manage? Kosinas PS: Sorry for my poor English
  4. I'm not really worry, I'm just wondering, I run windows 7 Ultimate x64, but I had to download a couple of DLL's to get some programs to work correctly. Now i have 3 DLL files in the folder, and my programs are working. I think its funny how I'm not even surprised at this. Microsoft can do some crazy things sometimes. But they still hit a home-run with Windows 7 and Office 2010 Pro Plus.
  5. Dear Tomcat1991, Please open your computer and verify that the Coaxial is not damaged. Happen to me, was working, then simply from moving the computer from my Office to a other office resulted in my Coaxial not working anymore. Please let us know how this works out. Kosinas PS: Sorry for my poor English.
  6. Hi qaisar, I don't think there is a fix for this issue but don't quote me on this. If it helps you can use the Windows Button on your keyboard and the arrows to rapidly switch the window from screen 1 to screen 2. Win key + up = Full screen Win Key + Left = Aero Snap Left Win Key + Right = Aero Snap Right Win Key + Bottom = Minimize Window If you have a second monitor on your left, you can use the Win Key + Left to snap the window on the left side of the screen, if you use the same combination of keys again the window will go on the second monitor. I don't know if this will help or if this is what u need. Good luck and let us know if you found a better solution. Kosinas, Sorry for my poor English.
  7. Why is the c:\Windows\System folder empty in windows 7? i Actually just realized that yesterday... Thanks.
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