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  1. hi, thanks for the reply - in answer to the question, no not yet but am slowly getting to adopting that option as i simply cannot get wds to work. are there pre-requisites for the install? its gone completely crazy now. i started off with the primary server with wds installed (not configured) and a pxe sp. this was fine but of course as i had a secondary site i thought i might as well just install a second pxe point. so i installed wds, left it un-configured and then set up the pxe sp. initially, the wds worked until i installed the pxe sp and i couldn’t get it to work so after lots of uninstalling at different stages and reinstalling i thought wiping the box completely would be easiest and i could just start from scratch. So i did that but then on a clean build of Server 2008 without sccm set up on it as a secondary site, i tried installing wds and it installed but wouldn’t start the service. Just like the millions of people i have seen logging this on forums, there are four event log errors on wds event id 257, 513, 265 and 261. it tries to start the service but then sits there for a while before saying 'failed to start wds server - the service changed to an unexpected state'. One suggestion i read said that you should actually add the server in wds settings but not configure it. Surprisingly enough this worked and i could start the services.... until i then tried to deploy the pxe service point which then causes the service to stop and fail again. Same four error events and i have just come to a point where i need as much guidance as possible. i'm sure there is 1 simple thing i am missing out but i can’t find a 'config a secondary site from scratch as a pxe service point' guide. Every guide tells you how to install wds OR a pxe sp OR creating a secondary site, but none of them all together. Any help would just be a godsend as I am slowly losing my mind.
  2. hi everyone, i'm trying to get the pxe functionality up and working and would like some pointers if poss. First: I'm running sccm 2007 R3 sp2 on a Server 2008 64bit server with sql 2008. This server sits in our wan on a different vlan with its own separate dhcp server. we have 4 sites in total, each on different client vlans with separate dhcp servers providing addresses locally. what i'm trying to work out is... can i have one pxe service point on the primary site or do i need to configure secondary sites in each location? at the moment i have one secondary site basically acting as a distribution point for software updates and hopefully osd images. what does setting this up as another pxe service point achivee? the next question is how on earth do i set this all up to run pxe? I have read that i need to configure this on the dhcp scope - option 66 and 67. but all the posts i have seen point to having option 67 set up with SMSBoot\x86\wdsnbp.com - two questions - where is this in sccm 2007? i have carried out a search and found 2 files in the remoteinstall\boot folder, one x64 and one x86. obviously i know the difference between the two but if this is the path and not SMSBoot\x86\wdsnbp.com, and i then select the x86 version, what happens to x64 clients? hope you can help. thanks
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