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  1. Did you have any luck with this? We just got Adobe CCE and I'm having a lot of trouble getting installing it correctly (or at all) with SCCM 2012 R2.
  2. I'll have to look into the account issue part. Any idea where I should start or what I should be looking for? I'm using SMSadmin (a domain admin account) on almost every service, including DB access. I have yet to remove the ISS role. I will try that. The only snag is, there is no explanation or guide out there that explains what IIS services are needed for SCCM to run smoothly. I've just been "winging" it, adding services as errors show up in the logs. Thanks SO much for you suggestions! I'm going to check out your site too.
  3. Ok, so after the issue happened again last night I have more information to share. This is not an attempt to bump this post. I discovered that late in the evening, a few hours before the MP failed and threw a 5436 error the system posted Message ID 3400 (see image). When trying to resolve this issue I came across the schedule.log (see image) that listed the jobs that were trying to replicate to this other site "WWU". I don't have any other sites, so this is odd. I do not know how to remove these jobs, and again, the net is less than helpful on this matter. Any advice would be appreciat
  4. Did you try giving Everyone "Read" access to the share? I had this problem and it seemed to clear up my content distribution issues.
  5. Preface: Running SCCM 2012 on physical hardware, with MS Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012. I know it isn't officially supported, but thus far most everything is working splendidly! So, I know I post more questions than answers here, but I'm still getting my feet under me with SCCM 2012. I need some brilliant minds to help me unravel an issue I've been having for some time now. My site statuses are all great except for my Management Point status. I keep getting a recurring critical error (Message ID 5436). I discovered that if I remove the MP role and re-add it, the MP status resets
  6. This is really a head-scratcher for me. I setup SMSinstaller as my network access account and gave it full access permissions on the entire storage array. After successfully creating a package, monitoring still posts 2306 followed by a 2302 on deployment. I'm just at a loss here...
  7. Any chance I could get a url to browse to? I can't seem to find a direct reference to the creation of a "sources" folder on W-Noob. I have a hunch I am missing something critical in my setup of that folder.
  8. Is there any way you could add a link to the guide you're speaking of? You are probably correct. The Storage folder is my attached storage array. The same array houses the "SCCMContentLib", "SMSPKGD$", "SMSPKGSIG", and "SMSSIG$" folders. By "network access account" do you mean SMSadmin? Could you elaborate on where or when I would have configured my "software distribution account"? I'm assuming your talking about SMSadmin here too. SMSadmin is indeed a member of the local administrators account.
  9. Thank you both so much for your time and efforts! I was sure you had solved my problem, since I had added users and not machines to my NTFS and Sharing permissions. I added my server ("SCCM") to both, checked to make sure the server was an admin on itself and then gave it a shot. No joy. Attached is the full notification I received under DP Configuration Status details. I noticed this morning that I received the error after I created the application and before I deploy it (ie when the deployment type is created). I'm sure I'm missing something super simple, but I'm really new to this
  10. I've been having trouble deploying packages to collections for a while now. I've spent a great deal of time looking through forums to no avail. I have created a test application as per the Windows-Noob article here. I then tried to deploy the application via the article instructions. The app fails to deploy and in the Monitoring section returns a critical errors under SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER. The two primary Message IDs are 2306 and 2302 (see attached images). When viewing the "Deployments" tab, the application sits at 0.0% compliance and obviously never makes it to my client's Applicatio
  11. Ideas, anyone?... I've hit a roadblock...
  12. Thanks for the above. I have acutally done that for all of my other collections. I have a wonderful list of collections based upon OUs. My problem arrises (and I should have been more specific) in that there are multiple machines in this OU I'm trying to pull from (ie. I'm trying to pull a subset from a specific OU). If I simply query the entire OU I get more machines than I want, that's why I'm trying to create a collection based on the machine name. Additionally, are there any good resources online that list examples of SCCM WQL statements for collection creation? I appreciate your
  13. I just don't think I'm compiling the query correctly. I'm really new to WQL and I'm sure I'm simply garbling up the statement. In an effort to be more clear let me give you a scenario: I have three helpdesk computers I want to single out and put in their own collection so-as to assign specific client settings (ISSUPPORT01D, ISSUPPORT02D, ISSUPPORT03D). I'm sure they could be added individually to a collection (though I have been unable to successfully setup/write a query to do so), but I think the more efficient way to proceed would be to add them to a collection based on the System >
  14. I found the answer to my own question. I merely had to rerun my Active Directory System Discovery.
  15. I'm looking to do the inverse of the above. I removed a collection and inadvertently removed the devices from the DB. How do I rebuild the DB so said devices repopulate in my "All Systems" collection?
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