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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I've create a task sequence that workings pretty well but got a few things to iron out. I can't work out why some of the application will not install on the TS, though if the machine is part of a collection they install perfectly. I'm still quite new to SCCM so slowly getting my head around it. Cheers for any help in advance
  2. Hello, Have something odd going on and I'm having trouble understanding why/how this could ocurr. As part of the OSD Task Sequence I have an install application step to evaluate the BIOS version for each notebook model we have and if there is a newer version in SCCM to upgrade the BIOS during the imaging process. The application (not package) is not deployed, but has "Allow this application to be installed from the Install Applications task sequence action without being deployed" which allows this to be installed using a task sequence. The only task sequence this application is a part of is for OSD, so the only time this application should be ran is when that step in the OSD process ocurrs, correct? What I have noticed is, this is running outside the OSD Task Sequence. During the migration from the 2007 client to the 2012 client one of the pilot users reported that their BIOS was updated after they restarted their computer. I checked the AppEnforce.log and sure enough, SCCM had installed the BIOS update. Luckily, everything worked fine after the BIOS update. I didn't hear any other reports of this behavior. During another issue I am working on today, I checked the AppEnforce.log on my notebook to troubleshoot a problem with a normal application deployment but noticed that SCCM has been trying to update the BIOS on my workstation as well. This notebook was imaged in February, yet the logs show the last time this was enforced was yesterday. I had a co-worker send me the logs from his machine (imaged with 2007 probably a year ago, but then upgraded client to 2012 within the last 2 months) and same thing. SCCM is trying to install the BIOS upgrade application that is not deployed to any collection, but is part of a Task Sequence. We do advertise/deploy the Task Sequence to a collection that contains all workstations rather than adding/removing machines to a specific "OSD" collection. This allows the service desk to image/re-image machines without having to import them to a special collection. I do understand the risks of doing this; however, this is how we've had the 2007 SCCM setup for years without issue. To help prevent something bad from happening, we do not make the TS deployments "assigned/mandatory" but "available", allow it to only run on an OS that we do not have in production (AIX 5.3), and the deployment is only made available to media and PXE. I COULD understand if all the workstations started going through the OSD process (thank God they have not though), but what I don't understand is how this one application in that task sequence is trying to be applied outside the TS that is not running. Any idea? Thanks
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