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  1. seems that upgrading the secondary site to r2 Sp1 did the job rebooted and was able to upgrade to CU1, now I have no warning or errors. Upgrade complete
  2. Excellent post thanks, helped me with my upgrade. great to see so much assistance on SCCM for what would be a quite complex upgrade. A couple of stumbling points for me, I had officescan and that caused an error on the upgrade so had to disable that. This then cause the site to go into warning so I could'nt upgrade to CU1.
  3. Thanks for the responses, I've upgrade to 2012r2 sp1 Had a squeaky moment when the system came up with lots of critical warnings same as this http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/17088.sccm-2012-sp1-tmlisten-process-hangs-installation.aspx I disabled officescan and went fine. I've now sorted out all the SQL issues everything else went fine. Just trying to upgrade now to CU1 to fix the following Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 547, severity 16: [23000][547][Microsoft] [sql Server]The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "CI_CurrentRuleDetail_CIID_FK". The conflict occurred in database "CM_DCC", table "dbo.CI_CurrentRuleDetail", column 'Setting_ Its a known bug and CU1 has a fix for it but running the upgrade and its prompting that the site mode is in warning, How can I get my site out of warning mode so I can upgrade to CU1?
  4. Hi all Quick question going through the upgrade to R2 sp1 and in my Prerequisite check its come up with a couple of warnings. Just wondering if I continue with the upgrade will anything be effected in a negative way? Backlogged Inboxes (check these and there's no major problem there) SQL Server Security mode - we have it set to SQL authentication - recommended to operate in Windows Auth Configuration for SQL server memory - SQL should have a max limit SQL Server Process - unlimited memory usage the last to i'll probally sort out after the upgrade our SQL is on the same box as our SCCM install. Just wanted to make sure that the upgrade goes well don't want to have to restore etc etc Regards
  5. Hi its the SCCM client package, I think I've got it in the wrong position, I'm deploying it to a Workstation GPO and its timing out. Going to try deploying with a user GPO and see how I get on with that. Cheers for the reply
  6. Hi I'm in need a little assistance, I'm attempting to have a software restriction policy that blocks access to a few problems for all users, easy enough. But then I would like to allow a certain group of users to have access to this if there added to the correct group. I created the two gpos and assigned them to two groups and made sure the allow gpo was of Higher Order in this case I set it to one. I also enforced the allow so that it would not be over written by the lower Order GPO. Problem is I've added a test user to the groups in question, Allow and Deny and I still get the deny. Any idea why this would be the case? Thanks in advance John
  7. Hi I've create a task sequence that workings pretty well but got a few things to iron out. I can't work out why some of the application will not install on the TS, though if the machine is part of a collection they install perfectly. I'm still quite new to SCCM so slowly getting my head around it. Cheers for any help in advance
  8. look at the vendor of the machines support and you should find the ability to modify the bios so you can remove lan booting from the list. We use Lenovo and that's what we do edit sorry just looked at your post properly, still agree with what I put though
  9. Hi So it looks like I've not managed exactly what I wanted to do. I'm looking to get a wim that only has en-UK installed on it. I followed what you put down on your post to the letter but when I try to change the set lang I get error 87 could not set UI Language - could not ser user local - could not set system locale. any thoughts?
  10. That's pretty much exactly what I wanted to do ^ I found it myself with a little bit of tinkering, I'd already created my Wim's for deployment via SCCM. But Language was incorrect. So mounted the wim using DISM then extracted the Default Reg Hive and edited that directly, then saved the Wim and reuploaded it. but what you have done will work perfectly for a brand new o/s DVD Thanks for your assistance still learning on the DISM front. Getting there slowly.
  11. I've only just joined and this is the exact reason why I joined did you find a solution?
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    Thanks for the welcome guys
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    Hi all Just been following this forum for the last 2 months and it seems to be the one to use for help and tips so I thought I'd get stuck in on the action.. Quite new to using SCCM which is the main reason for trying to find a forum like this I'm a ZCM admin of over 5 years. Speak to you in the forums Morrell
  14. Hi I've created a windows 8.1 wim file ready for deployment through SCCM. I need to now strip out the EN-US language setting and configure it to EN-UK which is the best way to do this? I've tried to use DISM but with no luck, guides on the internet seem a bit thin on the ground. thanks for any help john
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