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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new to SCCM (this is day 4), and I'm trying to get some laptops that are only connected with Wifi to run an OSD, including a domain join, all the way through. By having it cache the files locally, I've gotten pretty far. I used USMT to preserve a netsh wifi export xml file. Now, where I'm stuck is getting that xml imported as the first thing that happens after the first reboot, and I'm not sure how, because none of the steps in the TS are very descriptive in what all they are doing or when the reboot is happening. Now, I know I can make an image with the xml in there, and I can also do a join domain from setupcomplete with a powershell script. BUT... I'd like to do this in a way that is not image dependent, if possible, and using the SCCM domain join network setup function to keep my boss happy. So my question is, where do I put the netsh wlan add command in the series of steps, and also what is the best syntax for that command (I've seen 'command not found' in the ccm logs, but that may be due to being in winPE, not sure). Thanks
  2. Good morning, I have been working on getting an offline OSD task sequence working for some Lenovo Yoga 12 tablets we just purchased, and I do not want to go the route of doing them via ethernet dongle. I've got it to where it will go through the entire task sequence, but something weird is happening that I'm sure will be obvious to someone out there that can help. It goes through the entire task sequence, and when it gets to the end it has added the wireless profile and is connected, but the following has failed: 1) For some reason the local administrator account has a blank password, AND is disabled. The task sequence is set to set our specific administrator password. Not sure why this fails? 2) The last step before a restart is to join the domain, which fails for some reason. When it finishes the task sequence, it does not show any errors. It shows up at the login screen, which no logins will work. It does show that it's connected to our wifi at the bottom, which has connectivity to our domain controllers. Here's a pic of our task sequence order: Do i have something out of order, or just done completely wrong? Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you!
  3. We are currently running SCCM 2012 R2 on a Windows Server 2012 environment. We deploy Windows 8.1 - 64 bits through a task sequence. Our question is, is it possible to deploy a Wireless profile through a script/package during the OSD task sequence? I've fiddled around with a script using NETSH, and manually i'm able to import / export a profile. However, this only works in the current user context. Unfortunately you cannot use 'user context' driven packages in a task sequence. Is there another method? Thanks in advance.
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