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MP needs to reload the hardware inventory class mapping table when processing Hardware inventory. The MP hardware inventory manager cannot find a WMI


Hello friends, I need your help please.

Perform a clean installation of a primary site sccm 2012 r2 standalone before had the version 2012 sp1, but I'm having faults, have red SMS MP CONTROL MANAGER, INVENTORY SOFTWARE PROCESSOR SMS. He says he is not part of a class, I placed in the sms_mof you had in the previous version 2012 sp1, but problem persists

I have not updated the client machines, not on the agent released, they are with the version 2012 sp1, first I want to correct this problem.






This should only happen if new definitions beyond those known to the site are added to the collected classes.

Possible cause: Inconsistent way the new definitions have been introduced.
Solution: Check that the mapping tables contain the information consistent with the hardware definition tables and that the definitions have been propagated properly.
Possible cause: Corruption of the data base.
Solution: Check the consistency of the data base.



MP could not find some class or property definitions when processing Hinv as they are apparently missing in sms_def.mof. Unknown classes and properties have been ignored and a MIF file generated with all the classes and properties that could be found. Possible cause: This might indicate that the report has become obsolete due to a new HW inventory policy or that a customer's private definitions haven't been properly propagated to the sms_def.mof at the PSS. Solution: See if the missing classes or properties are genuinely missing in the current sms_def.mof and find out why the client put them in the xml report.



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