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Multiple Deployments - App-V 5.0

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Hi all,

Couple of questions.


I have Office 2013 Virtualized with App-V 5.0 and have it loaded into 2012R2.


I have set 2 deployment types.


One with the Full office suite, so word, excel, etc

And the other with just Lync 2013.


I've done this in the below windows. (see attached)




The reason being, we want the users in our Korea office to get Lync 2013 only, and the rest of the company the full suite. Whats the best way to go about this?


Initial stab at it is to set a requirement on the Lync 2013 deployment for the user/machine to be in the Korea OU and then on the other deployment set the same but with the value of 'none of' in the hopes that it won't push it to that ou.

Am I making sense?


Any help appreciated.




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Hmm it didn't work...and by didn't work I mean it deployed all the apps instead of just Lync.


Which order of priority should these be in?

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That shouldn't matter unless your requirement(s) are not good enough. The thing you should keep in mind is that the first deployment type will be used of which the requirements are met.

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