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Collection of Machines with User Sessions...

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Before I spent hours trying to research this, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew if there is a down and dirty way in SCCM to build a collection based on PCs that have active or idle user sessions? (Collection of PCs where someone is logged in or has a locked user session)? I just found I misconfigured one of my desktop patches last weekend so during my maintenance window they downloaded to the machines but did not install. Now all my desktops are waiting for a maintenance window to install. We have a logoff script that runs but there is an exception list. Because of that I have to be careful of users that stayed logged in when they leave or that may be working remote as they'd loss open work or results of running processes if the machine reboots after they're patched. Tonight I wanted to push to available machines that did not have anyone logged in and thought I'd try to build a collection of machines based whether someone is logged in. (Unless there is a better way like a neat trick to preserve the user's session through a reboot).

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