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Paul H

WSUS upstream SC2012r2 downstream

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Hi there,


At my customers site we have to use an upstream WSUS server as a source for our SCCM 2012 R2 box.

In order to make that work i have opened the WSUS console and removed the check where it says download only when approved



My sccm sup then downloads everything from the upstream server to the wsuscontent share


If i create a deployment for a single or several updates i tell SCCM to download these updates from the \wsuscontent share but all downloads fail (download failed, file not found)


There is a storage problem on the upstream server (disk full) at the moment :(


My question:

Is it possible that the disk full error on the upstream server causes all my downloads in sccm to fail while wsus sync to upstream is succesfull?

If not, can anybody tell me what i can check to troubleshoot this?

Should iput specific permissions or rights on the wsuscontent share before my sup can take files from it (maybe in sql?)


any help will be welcome :)




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Hi Paul,


Off the top of my head, here's what I am thinking.


The sync between the 2 WSUS servers doesn't fail, because it is just metadata for the updates (not the updates themselves). If the upstream WSUS is out of disk space and has NOT downloaded the update files you are trying to download on your downstream WSUS server, then I could see this causing an issue; since the metadata files are there/available, but the actual install files are not.


Is there a way that you can clear some space on the upstream WSUS and test the theory? I am not sure if this will cover your exact error.


Let us know either way, and we will continue to assist you.

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Hi AdinE,

I Have configured WSUS, and SUP in My Hierarchy, Need some suggestions.


My Hierarchy is :

1. CAS server , WSUS remote console installed as WSUS is on remote server

2. WSUS Server For CAS , SUP role installed

3 . PRI01 Site Server on site A , WSUS remote console installed

4. WSUS Server For PRI01 , SUP role installed

5. PRI02 Site Server on Site B , WSUS remote console installed

6. WSUS Server For PRI01 , SUP role installed.



Things i have done so far:

1. I am able to configure without any issues , ( Doubt : Do I Need to configure WSUS for all the three sites ? )

2. I am able to sync without any issues across all sites ( CAS,PRi01,PRI01) ( Doubt : Does it syc / download all the actual update files or only the meta data, where does the data saved ? to the WSUS DB ?

3. Filtered the updates from all software update and Created a software group for windows 7 and windows 8.1 . ( Doubt : If i filter once , how about future updates ? will it automatically add to configured group from all software update ? )

4. Deployed the software group to respective Device collection, i.e win7 and win 8.1 collection. (Doubt : So I downloaded the update on CAS and distributed to the respective distribution point on PRI01 and PRI02, Is it correct ? )

5. The Deployed updates appeared in software center of the client, and after installing and restarting the client , the list in the software center disappeared , Is it normal behavior ?






Srini R

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Hi Srini R,

Sorry for the delay in response. I was away for a while. Let me try to answer your questions.


  1. If you have multiple Software Update Points (SUP) in your SCCM infrastructure, then yes, you will need to perform the configuration (through the SCCM console and NOT through the standard WSUS console) for each. I don't believe that they share/replicate configuration.
  2. When you perform a Sync with WSUS (through SCCM or otherwise), it will only sync the metadata from the Microsoft Update Services. The updates are not actually downloaded until you select them in the SCCM console, and create a Software Update Group. When you create the Software Update Group, you will also create a Package which will contain the actual update files. As for the location, you specify this when you go through the wizard to create the Software Update Group and its corresponding package.
  3. The Filter is just visual within the All Software Updates screen. It's like performing a search. So, each month when new updates are released, you will have to filter your view to find the Windows 7 applicable updates (as an example). The filter will not automatically add updates to an existing Software Update Group or Package (though there is the Automatic Deployment Rules area that you can configure something like that). Each month (or whatever timeframe you want) you will need to manually update the Software Update Group and Package.
  4. Yes, though you have different sites and a dedicated SUP for each site. But effectively, yes you need to distribute the updates to a DP to make them available for the SCCM Client to access.
  5. In Software Center, there are different tabs. After you install the updates (which were probably shown on the Available Software tab), of course they would disappear, since they are no longer "Available", but "Installed". They should appear on the "Installed Software" tab.

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