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07 to 2012 Migration

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We are starting to move forward with our migration and I have a question regarding migrating of mixed object. I know this is not supported so I figured I'd ask for suggestions. In our 2007 environment we have all of our apps in a collection tier. The parent collection is just a blank collection, then there are 2 sub collections under that. One is for our AD group for that app, and one is for computers. We advertised the collection to the AD group and push to the Machine collection.


The issue I'm running into is that we advertised each apps Uninstall to the parent collection. Since that has mixed sub collections the advertisement will not migrate. Are there any suggestions on how to create the uninstall for the migrated collections in 2012? I'd really prefer not to do this manually.


Example Collection Layout


Adobe Flash Player - Uninstall advertised to this, and set to include Sub Collections

Adobe Flash Player AD Group - Install advertised. Available in RAP

Adobe Flash Player Computers - Install Pushed


Sorry for the long post, I can explain in more detail if required.

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when i installed my 2012 enviroment i started from scratched. I had both SCCM enviroments up at the same time. I manually created applications, collections etc on 2012. This is a way to have a fresh start, our 2007 was up for many years and lots of useless apps were still out there.

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