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  1. It was set for whether or not they are logged on
  2. I have a bit of a problem that am trying to figure out. Currently I can deploy applications to Systems with no issues. They go quick and install as they should. But when I create an application that is set Per User but deployed to System Collections It takes really long for the deployment to start. Here is an example, I deploy an application to 400 workstations, and the status of the installations or installation in progress are much slower then a Systems application. Have anyway seen this happen before?
  3. Actually if your DP is on the secondary site server the option is not there! I found out the hard way!. What you can do is remove the DP role from your secondary site, then deploy a second DP at the location where your secondary site server lays, so that way you can throttle the settings
  4. you probably hit next when installing a microsoft product ' click to to install bingbar!' you ignored it! Anyway you can build an uninstall package to put in your Task sequenec https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/scriptcenter/en-US/fa2c146c-4fcb-4be4-aa92-e6b4fd68dc0d/custom-program-for-custom-uninstallation?forum=ITCG
  5. here is something worth taking a look at https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/fcf45a86-e0cd-4228-b2a3-22e2fe5f1df9/windows-update-client-failed-to-detect-with-error-0x8024400e per Scan failed with error = 0x8024400e.
  6. first would be to check out OfflineServicingMgr.log on the server. then you can drill down from there
  7. As long as the deployment is still pointed to the collection and not expired, any new device added to that collection will receive the advertisement
  8. here is the question of the hour. Do you have SCCM clients installed on your server. You do not have to check for updates in control panel to check for updates once the client is installed. You will also need to put your servers in an OU that has a group policy set for Windows udpates. The Intranet location to point to is your SUP server. eg. http://superver:8530 . Once you do those two things, Windows updates will appear in Software Center on your server.
  9. it is run by 1000's of tiny monkeys that microsoft ships with SCCM. They are very complex and very fast, impossible to see with the human eye! no but seriously SCCM has tons of log files which work as a puzzle, but them together and you will learn the inner workings. here is a list of all log files for 2012r2 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh427342.aspx#BKMK_ClientInstallLog
  10. on a physical workstation 4005 can mean a bad hard drive or the bios time is off. Since you are using Virtual box the problem can be the bios time. Check your virtual bios time to make sure it is correct.
  11. when i installed my 2012 enviroment i started from scratched. I had both SCCM enviroments up at the same time. I manually created applications, collections etc on 2012. This is a way to have a fresh start, our 2007 was up for many years and lots of useless apps were still out there.
  12. my systems are still on CU1. I haven't updated anythng as I am not having issues. the only issue that I ever see is my console freezing up, which it looks like Cu3 will fix. I want to update, but with 20000+ clients and tons of OSD's going on every day I am not going to take the chance of bringing my enviroment down.
  13. you can use offline servicing to get updates on the image that way. you can also install updates during an OSD.
  14. when you goto monitoring -> distro point status what does it say for that dp? does it say files uploaded? Can you map to \\dpname\admin$ from your primary server? are you seeing any alerts in your console? what does distmgr.log on your primary site say? any errors?
  15. the company i work for has different image requirements per location. Our Infosec guys will flag if its not what they want. so as I switch between offices I want to use the supported image.
  16. Here is what I am attemping to do. I want to have 3 partitions on 1 hard drive. Each partition will have a different install of Windows installed. Can this be done? I was thinking of converting WIM files to VHD's and pasting a VHD on each partition and making them bootable? partion 1 - windows 7 partition 2 - windows 7 partition 3 - windows 7 then edit the boot ini file with the choice of which os to boot into. has anyone ever attempted this before with sccm 2012r2?
  17. Problem has been resolved. The database replication between my primary site and secondary site had been broken. I rebooted my secondary site server and that got it back conected.
  18. All, I am having an issue distributing Applications in my sccm 2012r2 enviroment. This issue seems to have started today. I have 16 Distro points. When I create an application and distribute it out, it does not go anywhere. Distmgr.log and sender.log show the application has been sent to the Distro points. How ever in my SCCM console under monitoring, it shows the package upload is in progress. Any idea's? logs to check?
  19. is your Client install account setup and has Domain admin rights? best thing to do is to check ccm.log on your server. Clients must have the Admin$ and C$ share active.
  20. is your DP local or accross a WAN. It can be a bandwidth issue.
  21. It can be your boundaries. When your task sequence fails, do an ipconfig . confirm that IP subnet is in the Boundary.
  22. If you are deploying something like , flash, java etc, the installer is always the same. so you an use the same install package, but not the same app. copy the contents of your install package and create a new windows folder, copy everything in there. edit the install script and then you have a new package. as for older versions on your network create a query for old versions on your network and deploy the new application to the new collection. yes its a pain to update your task sequence but its only a few minutes of your time.
  23. one particular is locked now. Can't check. If it is set for none how would i correct that ?
  24. I am having an issue with my SCCM 2012R2 network. An Increasing number of clients have stopped checking in. Software Center is blank and nothing is advertised. I have to reinstall the client from the console to get it working. once the client is re-installed software center is populated again. Any idea of what causes this and how can i prevent it? BTW this is going over a large Geographically dispersed WAN
  25. Figured this out. I had a package being added to a task sequence which uninstalled unwanted software off my image, plus rebooted after it completed. I had that included as a first step. thus it rebooted and the rest of the task sequence never completed.
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