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Windows 10 & Windows Server Technical Preview

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For those of you that are not aware, there's a Deployment Roadshow coming in December by three of the greatest OSD Guru's on the planet, Johan Arwidmark, Mikael Nystrom and Michael Niehaus.


The event details are below, these guys really know there stuff and are a joy to watch/listen, sign up if you get the chance !


Windows 10 & Windows Server Technical Preview


Suddenly it happens!


Windows 10 and Windows Server Technical Preview has been released as early test versions and it’s time to get your teeth into everything new before it is released.


Therefore, we have invited over legend and one of the world’s premier on Windows and OS Deployment – Michael Niehaus, the man who created the MDT. Together with Mikael Nyström and Johan Arwidmark, he delivers a day filled with news about the new Windows Client and Windows Server.


Knowledge Factory and TrueSec arranges Deployment Roadshow, a technical seminar on the deployment and management of Windows 10 and Windows Server Technical Preview. As usual it is a demo intensive day, based on accumulated experience from the TAP program. And the fact that we have actually been using this new platform in production.


We will visit five locations in Sweden and Norway, between the 1st and 5th December 2014.


More information and registration.




The event details in Swedish here > http://events.truesec.se/Event/Deployment_Roadshow




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