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What is Asset Intelligence and how can I use it in SCCM

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The Asset Intelligence feature in SCCM can be used to inventory and report on software in use in your environment.



Where do I find the Asset Intelligence feature in SCCM ?


Expand the Computer Management node and click on Asset Intelligence.


asset intelligence.jpg


How can I use Asset Intelligence ?


to start off you'll want to enable the feature, to do this you can expand the Asset Intelligence node and click on the disabled state (or click on Enable Asset Intelligence in the Actions Pane).


enable asset intelligence.jpg


This will bring up a new window from which you can decide what Asset Intelligence reporting classes you want to enable. You must select at least one otherwise your reports based on those classes will contain no data. The more you enable the greater the hardware resource usage during the inventory.




Enabling Asset Intelligence reporting classes will increase computer resource usage during Configuration Manager client hardware inventory. To prevent unnecessary client computer resource usage, you should verify that only the reporting classes required to support the Asset Intelligence reports needed are selected.


hover your mouse over a selection box and you'll be given information about what reports depend on the class.




select the classes that you will need and click ok




you will be prompted to verify the selected classes, if you are sure that they are ok (remember the more classes you enable the greater the increase in computer resource usage during the client hardware inventory) click Yes. We can always return here later and de-select classes if you don't require the info they gather.


ai yes.jpg


If you are a Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) licensed customer you can use the Asset Intelligence synchronization point site role in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 to schedule automatic catalog information updates.



What about my MOF file ?


Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv (change to the drive letter that you installed ConfigMgr on)




You will see that the SMS_DEF.MOF has now changed to today's date/time. This file represents the changes you have just made (open it, scroll to the bottom and you'll see all the Asset Intelligence classes listed).


Here's a snippet from there:-


//* Class: SMS_SystemConsoleUsage
//* Derived from: (nothing)
//* Key = SecurityLogStartDate
//* This Asset Intelligence class provides System Console Usage information.
[ dynamic, provider("AAInstProv"),
 SMS_Group_Name ("System Console Usage"),
 SMS_Namespace  (TRUE),
class SMS_SystemConsoleUsage : SMS_Class_Template
   [sMS_Report (TRUE)]
   uint32     TotalSecurityLogTime;
   [sMS_Report (TRUE), key]
   datetime   SecurityLogStartDate;
   [sMS_Report (TRUE)]
   uint32     TotalConsoleTime;
   [sMS_Report (TRUE)]
   uint32     TotalConsoleUsers;
   [sMS_Report (TRUE)]

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My director asked me if SCCM has the capabilities to generate reports on how many softwares a tech deploys a month via SCCM. This is for perfomance evaluation. Can SCCM do something like this?



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I do not have anything in the \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv folder. I inherited this server so I am still finding suprises.

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