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Server is a mess - rebuild or build new?

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Hi guys,


Hoping someone can give their opinion on how I should approach resolving some issues we're having with SCCM 2007. Now the colleague who did the original install and usually maintains it, is off on long term sick - i've got a fairly good understanding of SCCM but not enough to dive in at the deep end.


So, the server was upgraded to R3 however the guy who upgraded it, didn't realise our license only covered us to R2 as we didnt purchase SA. It was ran on R3 for approx 12 months. We unfortunately had a Microsoft audit due, and he was forced to roll back. He rolled the server back, however it went back to an earlier version, which we discovered as some of the R2 features were missing (PXE boot from unknown computers etc) so he reapplied R2 and things did seem ok for a bit.


However, we're now finding that PC's (Windows 7) joining the domain dont seem to take the client automatically. Some tasks sequences aren't running during our OS deployment stages. The server seems really slow to respond and seems to hammer the SQL database a lot. Just in general, things don't feel right, i didnt think it was ever a good idea going to R3, rolling back, then upgrading again to R2 etc etc ... We're relying on it for software deployment for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 (relevant required patches to support these OS have been applied).


We have 3 x SCCM 2007 licenses to use, but only utilize one. We have one main site on a single domain with one DP.


I guess what i'd like from you guys is what you would in this scenario? I think we need a new server building, but was un-sure whether to just trash the current server and build a new one with the same name/ip but dont know if the clients will accept that and what happens to the current collections/programs/packages/task sequences etc. Or, can you build a new one alongside, and have the stuff mentioned above migrated/copied, some how make it the primary, then remove the old server?


Not sure whats the best plan of action ....


Thanks in advance


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I believe the licence is the issue. That is why he (me to) not goint for SCCM 2012.


I had similar problem. Customer got SCCM 2007 in really poor condition. I have deployed new SCCM 2007 server and I am moving all clients to that server. Removed boundaries in old one and will shut down in couple days.

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