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  1. Hi guys, Hoping someone can give their opinion on how I should approach resolving some issues we're having with SCCM 2007. Now the colleague who did the original install and usually maintains it, is off on long term sick - i've got a fairly good understanding of SCCM but not enough to dive in at the deep end. So, the server was upgraded to R3 however the guy who upgraded it, didn't realise our license only covered us to R2 as we didnt purchase SA. It was ran on R3 for approx 12 months. We unfortunately had a Microsoft audit due, and he was forced to roll back. He rolled the server back, however it went back to an earlier version, which we discovered as some of the R2 features were missing (PXE boot from unknown computers etc) so he reapplied R2 and things did seem ok for a bit. However, we're now finding that PC's (Windows 7) joining the domain dont seem to take the client automatically. Some tasks sequences aren't running during our OS deployment stages. The server seems really slow to respond and seems to hammer the SQL database a lot. Just in general, things don't feel right, i didnt think it was ever a good idea going to R3, rolling back, then upgrading again to R2 etc etc ... We're relying on it for software deployment for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 (relevant required patches to support these OS have been applied). We have 3 x SCCM 2007 licenses to use, but only utilize one. We have one main site on a single domain with one DP. I guess what i'd like from you guys is what you would in this scenario? I think we need a new server building, but was un-sure whether to just trash the current server and build a new one with the same name/ip but dont know if the clients will accept that and what happens to the current collections/programs/packages/task sequences etc. Or, can you build a new one alongside, and have the stuff mentioned above migrated/copied, some how make it the primary, then remove the old server? Not sure whats the best plan of action .... Thanks in advance Jim
  2. Good afternoon folks! We had SCCM 2007 R2 running for around a year and all was well, but then a colleague decided to put R3 on thinking it was more of a service pack rather than a feature pack. Anyway, R3 was not covered under our Microsoft license, so now we have to think of the best course of action to get back to R2. We currently have one single instance of SCCM 2007 but have 2 spare licenses to use and have roughly 1,400 Windows XP/7/8/8.1 clients out there with a working client. I know that by rolling back we will lose R3 features, such as Dynamic Collections, Power Management etc but that doesnt bother me really. What i am concerned about is what happens to the clients out there, do they need uninstalling first and redeploying once back on R2 or can the client be left out there? Has anyone done something similar before? I would appreciate your input Thanks Jim P.S - Leaving it on R3 is out of the question before anyone suggests it :-)
  3. I am trying to create a collection, and the criteria for the membership is "system resource > system group name" however when I select the value button, only about 20 of my 100 groups on Active Directory appear, and the one group I wish to use isnt in the list Is there any reason why only a fifth of my groups appear? I have all of the active directory discovery methods enabled and scheduled to run daily so I know they're working. Do i have to do anything to the group on AD to make SCCM see it? Thanks Jim
  4. Can you remind me where I add a task sequence? Remember, this is for a program being advertised, not OS Deployment
  5. I have a package which installs an MSI which works fine, but the software relies on an XML file being copied to the machine before it will run. How can I do this as part of the package? The XML copies to a location that is only created after the software is installed. I can easily write a vbs to copy it over, but not sure how to call the VBS once the MSI has finished installing? Thanks Jim
  6. I set the advertisement message to 60 seconds and this works ok, but is there anyway to change the default text on the message that pops up with the advertisement? Can't see an option sticking out
  7. I am familiar with deploying packages on SCCM 2007 and have done many so far. I now have a new exe that i'd like to push out, but half way through the install it prompts you for a password to continue, the password is a simple password you type in to the input box and click continue/next. The install does not move any further without the incorrect password. Can this be deployed with SCCM and somehow pass over that password to the install? There are no command line switches for the exe Thanks Jim
  8. If you have a valid SCCM license, you can get an SCCM Version of AdminStudio for free, takes a while to find on Google though, PM me if you want the URL
  9. Yes I can copy the files down manually from the DP. Have a look at this screenshot: As you can see, the source files are on the DP, yet when they copy down, it egnores the individual files and just copies the directories. I have tried deleting and re-creating the package/program/advertisment but still no luck Really annoying this now!
  10. I want to start streaming applications via SCCM and noticed that all of the clients need the "App-V Client" installing. This can be version 4.5 or 4.6 if you require x64 clients too. I intend to stream applications to mainly Windows XP machines But, I can't find this download anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know where I can download it? I have checked my MVLS site and have the following two available: 1) Microsoft Application Virtualization Hosting for Desktops, Version 4.6 with SP1 2) Microsoft Application Virtualization for RDS, Version 4.6 with SP1 Will either of them suffice? I just want the client on the XP machines
  11. Yes, the only thing that relates to this package is the following: Don't see anything in there that would stop the download, or typically stop the files and not directories?
  12. I've been using SCCM 2007 for a while, and have created and sucessfully deployed over 25 packages to a range of XP and Windows 7 machines. I have created a new package that contains source files. I have done nothing different to my usual method, but this one is being weird. The package contains 6 directories and 4 files, one of which is the setup.msi However, unlike my other packages, once the machine receives the advertisment, it begins to pull down the source files to C:\Windows\System32\CCM\Cache however, it only seems to copy down the 6 directories and seems to refuse to copy down the 4 individual files including the setup.msi I have checked the space on C:\ and the size limitation with control panel > config mgr and its set to 5GB so there is plenty of space. Browsing in C:\Windows\System32\CCM\Cache I can see all the files/folders from my other packages. Anyone got any ideas? Here's a snippet from an XP machine execmgr.log file
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