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Superseded App installed automatically - deployment is set to available

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Hey guys,

well.. I'm a little bit confused with superseding apps, until now I never had such problems with package/app deployment but today... it's a manic monday...


We have a service pack as an application which is deployed as "available" to collection("Hardware Server").. Everything fine so far..

A couple weeks ago a new service pack released.. after testing the new SP, it was approved and the work began.

I created a new app, deployed it as available to the "Hardware Server" collection and deleted the deployment from the former service pack.

I had to adjust the OSD tasksequence for installing the new SP as well.(collection for OSD is empty)

In the new SP app I superseded the old one and I thought this would only affect server within the "Hardware Server" collection and I or another admin have to install it manually(eg SoftwareCenter -> "install"), 'cause the deployment is set to available.

After a few minutes, I was called that some systems were not reachable anymore.. so I checked them and I saw the new app was automatically downloaded and installed... I was really shocked!!


- If I supersede an application, will it automatically download/install no matter whether to the deployment setting?

- Is this behaviour by design that every system with the superseded application will be automatically updated, even if it's not in the corresponding collection?

Greetings and thanks.. hope I'll get some answers..


btw: using SCCM 2012R2 CU5

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That is know bug for superseded applications which are used in optional task sequences. All Clients which are targeted by the task sequence will get the new version as mandatory Installation. This will be hopefully fixed in SP1 for R2. Did not find the release notes by now.

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