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DPM 2012 SP1 ru8 keeps crashing

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At the moment I experiencing a lot of crashes of DPM 2012.

The crash of the console happens when I start a tape backup.

Also I cannot start a multiple recovery point.

I can start recovery points one by one but not in a batch.



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Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately I have is also with Data backup and not only with SQL DBs

It started when there were no tapes available and a colleague of me erased some tapes to get the tape backups back on track.

All the backups are from disk to tape not directly to tape.



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Hi all,


I end up with a call at Microsoft.

Problem has been solved by a larch SQL script.


Please try next steps:

Make a backup of the current DPM Database from an administrative command prompt using: Dpmbackup.exe –db

Execute ONE of the procedures bellow, the SQL query you can find in attachment.

1) Close DPM UI
2) Backup the DPMDB by running dpmbackup -db from command prompt.
3) Open sql server management studio in context of DPMDB database instance. Make sure you are admin on the machine
4) Select DPMDB. Right click -> New Query
5) Open the Query.txt file and copy paste its content in the query window
6) Execute the query.
7) Make sure query has succeeded.
8) Close SQL management studio
9) Open DPM UI
10) Go to library management tab
11) Do rescan
12) Let this rescan succeed. This rescan will detect libraries and will run Fast inventory on the library.


In attachment the SQL query


This is as is in my situation and I’m not responsible for errors.




QUERY DPM service crashes Tape Backup.TXT

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