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Issues with booting into PXE with Unknown Device

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Hi Guys!


I'm wondering if someone could help me with a really frustrating issue I'm having with SCCM. I'll give you a quick of overview of the environment.


- The Laptop we're using is brand new out of the box "HP Elitebook 755 G2"


- We are trying to build a 64bit Windows 7 image on the Laptop and then Capture that image to use for the 20+ HP Books we have.


- The Task Sequences have already been created and used on other machines so I'm fairly sure it will work once we get the drivers packaged into the TS (For now I just want to test that it will boot up and begin the TS)


- Regardless of whether I set "Enable Unknown Computer Support" in the PXE Service Point (With a Restart of the Service) The PC will not boot from PXE, it will just say that "No Bootfile was received"


- I have imported the PC into the console through the Computer Association option with SCCM.


Does the laptop have to have the SCCM Client on to be able to PXE Boot to the Task Sequence? Something I've never really been able to tell or not! Presumably this isn't the case given the option to "Enable Unknown Computer Support"


I'm not entirely sure which direction I am meant to go from here, I've tried looking on various forums etc. but all seem to inform me to do the same thing which hasn't been effective for me.


I'd really appreciate any tidbits of information too help me discover the answer!





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