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HP Warranty Information into SCCM Issue

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Somewhat not SCCM related but I figured this could be good group of people to ask -


In the past I have deployed an VBScript to all my client computers which gathers the HP Computers Serial and Product Number and sends it a HP URL to check the Warranty information.


That information is then put into the registry and later picked up by the SCCM Client to be imported in the Database so we can see Warranty information in our SCCM reports.


Long stories short, the query ran against the URL http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/WarrantyResults.jspbut that URL now redirects to a different site and doesn't return any information.


Anyone got a new URL or method of gathering the information?


This is pretty similar to what I had done in the past:



Appreciate any assistance people can provide.


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Keep in mind that I work for Enhansoft.


HP keep change their setup, From. what I understand they are trying to get everyone to use their tool (paid service) or a partner tool like our Warranty Information Reporting Tool. It has been a while since I tested any of the freebee scripts but If you dig around you might be able to find one that work for some of the HP computers. Most of the scripts that I have seen are long out of date.

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