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Hi Fellow SCCM'ers !


I have an issue and would like to know if anyone has seen similar or can point me in the right direction !.


I have installed a fresh primary site, its sccm 2012 r2 sp1.


Client Deployment to existing computers has gone fine.

Software deployment of a few apps not on the core win7 build works fine.

Software center / App catalogue - all good


Win7 Deployment works fine, Deploys win7 boxes onto my domain - and its all great, with all the software, much as expected nothing exciting.


In a similar way to win7, I have built a VM win811 box, added dot net 3 support, patched it fully,and captured it via capture media (created from my 2012 r2 sp1) environment. Captured fine, all is good at this point.


Created a new TS specifically for win811 requirement (yes I know 10 is just released but the business wants a little 811 action.) using above win811 image/wim

No Software in the TS for win811 at present just want to see a base build for starters then I will move on to the software side specific for win811.


- F8 trouble shooting support is enabled on my PXE boot wims


Its a funny one, as win811 deploys fine in the end... .


At or around the installing SCCM Client area of the TS, the F8 facility no longer works....

The TS seems then to take a long time at the win811 Finalizing settings screen, until after a long period, it will finally finish and win811 is there.


The delivered win811 is fine, its domained, and the sccm 2012 r2SP1 client is present and fully working. The software center is working, and the App Catalogue all function.


I cannot see why the F8 Faclity doesn't work from the SCCM Client install / initializing stage onwards. also the long delay / circular moving dots at the finalizing your settings stage leads me to believe it is failing and timing out, to the login screen.


The fact after it times out, its all working is puzzling me.


Anyone able to point me in the direction of where to look, or seen anything similar ?

Any help appreciated.


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I am also seeing the osd date issue and oversized drivers issue with r2 Sp1. Needs a cu bad,y...

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