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Cannot dowload Windows 7 Updates on SCCM 2012r2

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Hi I have installed SCCM 2012 r2 as a Standalone primary site running the Site server on Win2012 and the SQL DB on a separate 2012VM.

I have the site server setup with the following roles:


Application Catalogue Service point

Application catalogue website point

Component server

Distribution server

Endpoint Protection point

Management Point

Site Server

System Server

Software update point


I also have WSUS installed on the same VM.


The problem I am facing is when I try to download Windows updates from Microsoft, it will pull the meta data, but I can't get the actual updates to download, and I get the error, "The sms provider encountered and error, (Update number...)"


I have checked the Patch downloader log and it shows no errors, the wsyncmgr.log show the updates synchronizing, and skipping superseded updates, when I create a software download group, no problems, but when I try to deploy, I follow the wizard all the way to the end, then I get error all selected updates cannot be downloaded, followed by:

Success: Updates Targeted: and a whole big list of updates, the another list of all the updates that will be downloaded from the internet and they match.


I have no proxy in place, so does not need configured. SCCM and it's DB where previously running on one VM but performance was a nightmare, so we stripped it out and I rebuilt on to two machines.


Do I need to do something with the clients? As the problem seems to be between the WSUS and the Site server, I figured not.


Any advice welcome.





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