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  1. Hi, I am trying to deploy SAP to clients, so far the package has successfully distributed to the DPs, and it has cached on to the Clients, but it fails with the following error: "Machinename" "User N/A" "Message ID 10003" "Status Error" "Description Failed (Bad Environment)" I have checked in the execmgr log and found entries in the attached file. The package has deployed on to the client in the ccmcache folder and if I launch it from there manually, it installs, but It will simply not install on it's own. Any ideas? Cheers SCCM_txt.txt
  2. Why is it that just when you think yu have it sorted, and Elephant comes along and sits on you!

  3. We dropped the firewall as it's internal only and all seems to be fine with that part now. Thanks for the advice Peter.
  4. Hi I am trying to dowload all my updates that I wish to push out to my DP's, however, whenever I try to download them to the Deployment package, it get the following errors: Error setting property (TransformReadiness) 0x80041002! SMS Provider 1/14/2016 5:09:42 AM 9900 (0x26AC) Error setting property (TransformAnalysisDate) 0x80041002! SMS Provider 1/14/2016 5:09:42 AM 9900 (0x26AC) *** SspPackageInst::AddUpdateContent *** SMS Provider 1/14/2016 5:09:42 AM 9900 (0x26AC) CObjectLock::UserHasLock: ********** User MYSDI\adminsms has acquired lock for object SMS_SoftwareUpdatesPackage.Pack
  5. Hi I have installed SCCM 2012 r2 as a Standalone primary site running the Site server on Win2012 and the SQL DB on a separate 2012VM. I have the site server setup with the following roles: Application Catalogue Service point Application catalogue website point Component server Distribution server Endpoint Protection point Management Point Site Server System Server Software update point I also have WSUS installed on the same VM. The problem I am facing is when I try to download Windows updates from Microsoft, it will pull the meta data, but I can't get the actual updates to
  6. Hi I am setting up SCCM 2012 on VM hosts, my setup is as follows: SQL Server 2012 running on WIn 2012VMware Cumulative update 6 applied SCCM Config Manager running on Win 2012r2, .net 3.5 sp1 and .net 4 I have SQL installed and running, but whenever I try to install SCCM and attach it to the SQL server i get an error: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA) I can't seem to get past this issue, any help gratefully received Cheers Paddy
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