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Creating a W10 Reference Image in SCCM 2012 R2 Sp1 Cu1 WITHOUT MDT

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This is an odd one. I load Windows 10 Pro VLK out of the box on my Dell E5450. I enter audit mode and make some minor UI changes(Background etc)then I set the skiprearm regkey and then finally sysprep with an Uninstall.xml file that has the copy profile flag set as YES. This will copy my changes to the default profile. When the laptop shuts down I restart the laptop into Audit mode again except this time I set the skiprearm and then upload the WIM to SCCM.

No issues. I did this with WIndows 7 and it worked great. I can pull the W10 image back down to the laptop no problem.

Now when I load it back onto the laptop and make 1 more change, set the skip rearm regkey and then upload to the SCCM server with no issues. However when I go to deploy the image back to the laptop It will go all the way through the task sequence (I only have the steps start in WInpe, Partiton DIsks UEFI, Apply OS, Apply WIndows Settings, Apply Network Settings, Auto Apply Drivers, setup WIndows and CM client) detects hardware then reboots and then I get "windows 10 Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware"

I used to get this error in W7 deployments early on before I learned about the skiprearm reg file I had to use before sysprep.

Any ideas?

I used this process successfully all through the WIn7 deployments we have used the last 5 years. I don't want to use a VM. Yeah I know its the prefered way but I want to see it work first before I start worrying about putting it on a VM(Which I have tried but cannot get it to work in Hyper V for some reason). It should work from a physical machine. I posted this on technet and what I got was exactly what I was trying to avoid; a long discussion about VM vs physical and just looking to see if anyone else has had this issue.


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